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It’s been so long I don’t quite remember if it was my mother, a friend or a stranger on the bus who told me the worst investment you could do in your life was the one you didn’t make the most of it. A bad planned trip? Money down the drain. A book you never read and it ended up rotting in a closet? You could at least have used it to start a wood fire. A stunning pair of boots you wore twice last year? Clearly not your best investment.

Due to my intentions of reducing my clothing consumption, the fact that we’re within the coldest weeks of the year and that just a few days ago I realised the amount of long boots I own under my wardrobe, here are three different ways to wear them. Not your everyday combinations, the classics we all have already seen at the storefront on sale, on Instagram or on your cousin who can’t stop wearing them with jeans (hey, at least she made a good investment, huh?), but in three proposals that, although not transgressive, are sufficiently fresh so you dare to wear them on any day of the week.

Ha pasado tanto tiempo que ya no recuerdo si fue mi madre, una amiga o una extraña en el autobús quien me dijo que la peor inversión que puedes hacer es aquella a la que no le sacas provecho. ¿Un viaje mal planeado? Dinero a la basura. ¿Un libro que nunca leíste y terminó por pudrirse en el armario? Bien podrías haberlo usado para encender una fogata. ¿Unas botas preciosas que usaste dos veces el año pasado? Claramente, no tu mejor inversión.

Dada mi intención de reducir mi consumo de ropa, el hecho de que estamos en las semanas más frías del año y que hace poco contemplé la cantidad de botas altas que tengo bajo del ropero, he aquí tres formas distintas de usarlas. No las combinaciones clásicas que ya todos hemos visto en el escaparate de rebajas, en Instagram o en tu prima que no se las quita y las lleva con jeans (al menos ella invirtió bien, ¿no?), sino en tres propuestas que si bien no resultan transgresoras, son suficientemente frescas para que te atrevas a llevarlas cualquier día de la semana.


SIGERSON MORRISON over the knee boots, UNIQLO navy coat, PURIFICACIÓN GARCÍA striped knit, GLAMOROUS culottes, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO bag inside of a net bag via ETSY, AMBER SCEATS earrings

Born from my need of not wearing tight jeans and to masculinise its use with a basic coat, besides from not freezing yourself with culottes in winter. Preferably, pick a pair of boots that fit well on your ankles to help maintain a slender figure. If the boots are a different color from the culotte, even better!


Nacida de mi necesidad de no llevarlas con pantalones ajustados y masculinizar su uso con un abrigo básico, además de no pasar frío con culottes en invierno. De preferencia, elige botas que se ajusten muy bien a tus tobillos para marcar una silueta esbelta. Si las botas son de un color distinto que el culotte, ¡mejor aún!



Pretty Woman would kill for this boots. Give them style -and finesse- with a pencil skirt that shows just a tiny bit of skin and accessories that contrast against the shine from the boots. You don’t have to dress skin-tight in order to look sensual, and this outfit is the proof.


Pretty Woman hubiese matado por estas botas. Dales estilo -y finura- con una falda recta que deje ver la piel ligeramente y accesorios que relajen el contraste entre el brillo de las botas. No siempre tienes que ir ajustada para lucir sensual, y este atuendo es la prueba.

ZARA leather boots, MTK STUDIO sweater, ZARA red coat, HAT ATTACK newsboy cap via SHOPBOP, BLESS’ED ARE THE MEEK pencil skirt



Double coat, double versatility, double warmth and double visual interest. It’s essential for the coat you’re going to wear as a dress to be shorter than the second one. Top it up with a fanny pack or an unexpected bag to bring down the formality of the outfit. No one will know you’re not wearing anything underneath and you will make the most out of the simplest coat.


Doble abrigo, doble versatilidad, doble calidez y un doble interés visual. Indispensable que el abrigo que vas a usar como vestido sea más corto que el exterior, y remata la silueta con un fanny pack o un bolso inesperado para quitarle seriedad al conjunto. Nadie se imaginará que no llevas nada debajo y le sacarás doble provecho al abrigo más sencillo.

UTERQÜE green boots, & OTHER STORIES dark grey coat, RINASCIMENTO black & grey coat, RSVP PARIS bag worn as fanny pack


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  1. Xin Reply

    Love all look!! So editorial!



  2. Seeing as how I experience cold seasons like once in two years now, I can’t find any good excuse to buy over-the-knee boots, unfortunately. I did enjoy wearing just-below-the-knees boots when I was in my early 20s studying overseas, so I guess I shouldn’t feel TOO left out… But oh I would loveee to get my hands on the last pair of black boots you wear here, they look like they’re the easiest to match (and hence probably more justifiable in purchasing…?).

    What a BRILLIANT advice: “The worst investment you could do in your life was the one you didn’t make the most of it.” I am definitely going to remember this one.

    I’m trying to be more conscious about adding things to my closet too (it’s reeeally hard but I’m trying), so it’s fantastic to see one of my favourite bloggers ever getting on the same path. (PS: That’s you, in case that wasn’t clear.)

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    • Hi Liyana! I totally get about not been able to find a good excuse to spend so much on a pair of boots you would wear so little. Happened the same to me when I used to live on Mexico. The boots are actually green BUT if you ever decide to get your own pair, make it in black and in a breathable material (not leather, as much as it hurts me to recommend you that haha).
      Thank you so, so much for all your support. Love you lots and wish you the greatest week. xx

  3. Great stylizations. On the one hand, elegant but very original. You look great in so many creations. The one with the gray boots and the other with green boots came to me the most. These are my favorite colors.
    Have a nice week.

    • Hi Ela, thank you so much! The green boots are my current favorites, I almost never pay full price for this kind of items but these were calling my name so hard. xx

  4. I suck so much at being warm in the winter, no boots can help me :)

    • Hi Aleksandra, can I recommend you thermals by Uniqlo? They’re thin, easy to wear under your clothes and so warm. Not to say very affordable! :)

  5. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Simply beautiful as always! 💜👍🏻💜

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  6. Myki Ocaña Reply

    Me encantaron todas tus propuestas!! *3* Lastima de vivir en un lugar de playa (donde el frío no existe ni en navidad) sino aplicaría todas tus ideas!

    • Hola Myki, supongo que vivir en un sitio tan templado tiene sus ventajas (no tienes que invertir en prendas de lana y cashmere que son súper caras), pero me imagino que te haría ilusión vestir de invierno :D. Haré más posts así con prendas de primavera/verano :) xx