Beyond the basics





In this photo – Reiss leopard bag, Wildfox Granny sunglasses


Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim suede & leather jacket, CAMI NYC sweetheart camisole, Sheinside busted knee jeans (also similar here), Reiss leopard bag, Coach booties, Wildfox Granny sunglasses c/o Socialroot, Monica Vinader bracelet


One of the most difficult and stressful situations for some of us we encounter when we shop is: What to buy? Of course, it’s an easy task when you know exactly that you only need a sweater, some trousers and a couple of tops (but of course, it’s very unlikely that you will go out of the store ONLY with that and not something else too) but what happens when you don’t have a clue of what to buy or where to start?

My solution is to invest in garments that go beyond the basics but that still can be worn for years without clashing with the trends, and this outfit summarises some elements I consider are a step forward and make any simple and boring outfit into a more stylish one in a very effortless way: an oversized pair of sunglasses, a biker jacket with fabric combination, a lace camisole, a pair of inexpensive or self-made trendy jeans (like this DIY tutorial I made for busted knee jeans) and quality boots that besides comfy are versatile with pretty much everything.

Combining the right pieces, additionally from saving you time, it also saves money. And if you actually see it in detail, it’s as simple as a pair of jeans, a camisole and a jacket.

 Una de las situaciones más difíciles y estresantes para algunas personas cuando están de compras es: ¿Qué comprar? Por supuesto, es fácil saberlo cuando vas directo al grano y sabes que sólo necesitas un suéter, un pantalón y un par de blusas (aunque claro está, es muy poco probable que vayas a salir de la tienda sólo con eso) pero ¿qué pasa si no tienes idea de qué comprar ni por dónde comenzar?

Mi solución es invertir en piezas que vayan un poco más allá del básico pero que aún así se puedan usar por muchos años sin que pasen de moda, y este atuendo reúne algunos elementos que considero dan un paso adelante y convierten a cualquier atuendo aburrido y simple en uno mucho más estilizado sin mucho esfuerzo: unos lentes de sol oversized, una chaqueta motociclista que combine texturas, una blusa de encaje, unos jeans en tendencia que no te hayan costado mucho y/o que hayas hecho tú mismo (como este tutorial DIY que hice para rodillas rotas en jeans) y unas botas de calidad que además de cómodas van con todo.

Combinar las piezas básicas correctas, además de ahorrarte tiempo, te ahorra dinero. Y es que al final si lo ves con cuidado, son sólo unos jeans, una blusa y una chaqueta.

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  1. This jacket and mole!!!I also want to see her close!

  2. Perfect ! She is looking outstanding with this outfit.

  3. Danne Ch. Reply

    La chaqueta y la bolsa se llevaron mi corazón!
    hermoso look :)


  4. Me emamoré de tus lentes!!!

    Y la chamarra esta padrísima!!! me encantaría verla cerrada también!

    Besotes! cada día te extraño mash y mash! <3

  5. Awesome look! Your photos are amazing!

  6. Different comfy and cute!!!


    Bella Closet Couture

  7. Ollyvia Laura Reply



  8. Love this look and I agree investing in some timeless good quality pieces are important and act like a core to anyones wardrobe. Good coat or biker, classic boots and statement bag is sometimes all you need to mix with other items and look effortlessly chic x

  9. Ana Reply

    What a beautiful timeless leather jacket. I totally agree- investment pieces in a long term save you money and time- and pay tenfold in chic and style!

  10. eclética and chic Reply
  11. Such a cool and chic look! The tee and the shoes look amazing together!

  12. Love this look. Polished chic but still so relaxed.

  13. For me this is an ideal everyday outfit. I like it how it looks casual but super original! xxx

  14. sara Reply

    I agre with you, I’ve ust dinushed my christmas shops hhahahah and it is very difficult to buy usefull garments ;)

  15. Very cool post!I love your outfit!

  16. Rebeca Reply

    Me encanta el outfit entero! *-*
    Y me fascinan tus lentes a morir!!!!

  17. sasa Reply

    The jacket is cool:)

    Shall We Sasa