How to achieve bigger and wider eyes


I don’t hate having small round eyes as much as I hate my cheeks, but because my face structure is round and somewhat big, I need to make them appear bigger and wider, specially on occasions that I’m gonna be photographed or just want to look extra pretty :)

If you’re not comfortable with make-up, or you don’t feel okay making yourself appear different from what you really are, then maybe this post isn’t for you.

These are my eyes before any makeup. I only have foundation and concealer on.

First step: Brows

Brows define the structure of your face, and they can really help to make your eyes appear bigger. Don’t make them too full or too dark, because the fuller and darker they are, the smaller your eyes will look. Use a pencil, eyeshadow, or any method that you feel comfortable with.

Second step: Eyeshadow

If you know the basic knowledge of eyeshadow, this won’t be a problem. Keep the brow bone with a light color that reflects light, the eyelid with a neutral color (not too dark, not too light) and define your eyelid with the darkest shade, give it a little “wing” at the end and this will help making your eyes appear bigger.  Using the darkest shade, line your bottom lashes; eyeshadow is a lot more subtle than a hard line made with eyeliner.

Third step: Eyeliner

First, make the wing. This will define how long the line will be, and will make you the work a lot easier.
Make a thin line along the lashes.
Finally, connect the line and make the wing fuller, remember to keep it fluid.

Do not use dark eyeliner inside your eye, this will make them look smaller. Instead of that, use a cream or beige eyeliner, or white if it’s a night look.

Fourth step: Mascara and false lashes.


Lashes really bring a lot of attention to your eyes. Use demi lashes if you have round eyes like me, or full natural lashes if you want a more dramatic look. Use several layers of mascara, make sure it gives you volume and lenght.

For demi lashes, cut a normal false eyelash into two from the middle.

And that’s it! you can always use circle lenses for that “pop” effect on special occasions, don’t forget that the more dramatic your eyes are, the more subtle the lips should be, but that’s rule you can always break!

Before and after:
Remember that make-up is just for fun :)

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  1. oooh me encanta este post! no sé como te sale tan perfecto las sombras… a mi siempre me sale mal :/ ya me acabas de dar una idea para mi cumple! :D