Birthday wishlist

MOTELROCKS Gabby green sequin dress. ASOS Hurdle geo-print sandals. MILANOO “Ceci est un IT BAG” totebag. OASAP geometric print shirt. OASAP pattern cat eye sunglasses.

Only a few days left for my birthday, March 24th. Quickly sharing my birthday wishlist with you, I’m crossing my fingers so I’ll receive the sequin dress for the big day!

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  1. you know what you’re doing, love it.

  2. Such lovely choices! The Motel dress was a huge success last New Year’s x


  3. Love those shoes! Hope you get them all! :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

  4. That’s so exciting that it’s almost your birthday! I am in love with that bag on your wishlist
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