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  1. I was on the verge of getting a green military jacket very similar to the one you have on, and I was wondering how else should I pair ir up with, besides the usual. Your post made me realise it can be girly or masculine at a flick of the finger

  2. aaaaa me gusta este vestidoo .. amo los vestidoss .. quiero ese vestido :3

  3. aaaaa me gusta este vestidoo .. amo los vestidoss .. quiero ese vestido :3

  4. Great look! Sweet peach color accentuated by the army jacket. Totally something that I would wear <3



  5. Hi! I love your look! Your sandals are great! Kisses from Germany:)


  6. Totalmente in love de este look, me encanta el contraste del vestido y la chaqueta!

    Besitos! :3

  7. I really like the combination of military and flirty all at the same time. Great outfit! :)


  8. This mix of colors is perfect… And i love your sandals! I’m trying to find something similar but in black!

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  9. the sandals are perfect to this outfit!
    love your dress, so litht and romantic)

  10. great style..and I love the concept

  11. Lo que más me gusta del outfit es eso que mencionaste, que lo hayas usado con el blazer color militar porque le da un toque masculino. Me gusta mucho como luce :)