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Shein striped asymmetric shoulder shirt, Zara culottes (similar here & here), Guess Lamber lucite mules, Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun bag, H&M earrings

Integrate color flawlessly with
two colors of the same tone
and a complementary one…

Integra color de forma perfecta
con dos colores del mismo tono
y uno complementario…
Wearing: Shein striped asymmetric shoulder shirt, Zara culottes (similar here & here), Guess Lamber lucite mules, Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun bag, H&M earrings

summer outfit

The city where I used to live in Mexico and in which I grew up for the most part of my life, usually reaches around 50 degrees Celsius each summer (actually, the highest registered temperature was 55 degrees* at the shade). Streets are empty after midday, you can feel the concrete burning, the wind scorching your throat and no one believes it’s viable to wear something that doesn’t cover you almost completely. I won’t lie, it was one of the strongest reasons for me to move.

It won’t surprise you that living in a place with such high temperatures the idea of wearing black was as stupid as wearing cotton to the Antarctica, and we, somehow, managed to learn how to avoid black for the whole 6 months of summer in the city. And you know what? I think now I can appreciate a bit those afternoons I spent under a tree seeking shelter from the heat in lightweight shirts and breathable trousers. But that doesn’t mean I’d live there again. Definitely, nope. Please, no.

La ciudad en la que vivía en México y en la que crecí la mayor parte de mi vida, las temperaturas suben a unos 50 grados Celsius cada verano (en realidad, la temperatura más alta registrada es de 55 grados* en la sombra). Las calles se vacían durante el mediodía, el asfalto arde, el aire quema la garganta y a nadie le parece viable llevar prendas que solo te cubran una parte del cuerpo. No les voy a mentir, es una de las fuertes razones por las que me mudé.

No les sorprenderá que en una ciudad con semejantes temperaturas la idea de usar negro resultaba tan tonta como llevar algodón en la Antártica y, de alguna forma, tanto yo como la gente que me rodeaba, aprendimos a evitar usar el color negro durante los 6 meses que dura el verano.  Y, ¿saben qué? Creo que ahora puedo apreciar un poco todas esas tardes que pasaba en camisas ligeras y pantalones respirables bajo un árbol resguardándome del calor. Aunque no viviría ahí de nuevo. Definitivamente, no. Por favor, no.


*For my gals in USA, that’s 131 degrees Fahrenheit.
*Para mis amigas de Estados Unidos, eso son 131 grados Fahrenheit. 

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  1. Love your outfit<3
    It looks elegant and fashionable! xx

  2. You’re also so flawless, absolutely love this outfit, so wearable and chic!!

    City Style and Living The Editors Notebook | Instagram

  3. Que lindo look Adriana
    Siempre aciertas con las combinaciones, tienes un estilazo.
    Un beso
    Mila Plaza
    Style In Lima

  4. I love love love your style, amazing! And I couldn’t even imagine living in such extreme climate, what an experience!

  5. Gorgeous as always! You’re so inspiring!

  6. Obsessed with this shirt! Great styling and thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

  7. Este look me parece ideal!! La blusa es simplemente preciosa y muy original. Cuando he leído lo de los 50 grados a la sombra casi he sido capaz de sentirme dejar de respirar. Eso sí que es calor! Un saludo grande!!

  8. Beautiful styling. You picked a very interesting blouse, I really like it.
    You are right that the heat can give a lot of signs, we in Poland more complained about the cold and rain, which also spoils the effect of styling. Especially when you have to travel a lot without a car.
    Let’s hope in the near future the weather will be going well.

  9. Ahahah, mi lindo y querido Mexicali !!! :D
    Me encanta regresar, pero de visita nada mas. It’s no joke to say that the city captured the sun..