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  1. Dont do this Reply

    Don’t do this, ripped knee jeans are such cancer. Looks disgusting

  2. I gotta try this DIY. I have several plain jeans and they can use and update too! Thanks for sharing and I’ll share mine too, when completed soon (after finals week)!

    -Joua, http://www.jouatotherescue.com

  3. Buenísima idea lo de la lima de uñas! Siempre acabo desgarrando el pantalón por completo con pinzas :( Jajaja X

    | http://www.noirettediary.com |

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  5. I ripped my old jeans and I loved the result, now I’m always wearing it because looks awesome! Great post! =D

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  6. I wanna do this to all my summer pants!

  7. I wanna so this to all my summer pants!