California Sunsets


California Sunsets | Fake Leather blog

California Sunsets | Fake Leather blog

California Sunsets | Fake Leather blog

California Sunsets | Fake Leather blog

California Sunsets | Fake Leather blog

I’M WEARING/ESTOY USANDO: Papaya denim jacket, Sheinside denim shirt, Sheinside ripped denim shorts, Zara paperbag (similar here & here), Guess lucite sandals, Windsor sunglasses

It wasn’t until recently that I started to feel very attracted by the californian charm. Because I’ve been living at the border my whole life, California was nothing but an ordinary trip you could make any day of the week to go shopping, taste the traditional food and if it was your birthday or you were really good as a kid, your parents will take you to Disneyland. Well, I still do most of that but now I see it like the perfect opportunity to capture those places and landscapes here in the blog, I seek for the californian charm everywhere now that summer is pretty much here and there’s nothing that complements it better than denim, lots of denim.

Part of our routine when we come to visit, work, shopping, etcetera is to indulge in hamburgers you won’t find anywhere else in the world,  where not a single ingredient is frozen and you have the option to customize it, even order it without bread, and it’s actually what we always do. And if we’re feeling decadent or we just can’t resist anymore, we share some french fries so we don’t feel that guilty.


No fue sino hasta hace poco que comencé a sentirme atraída por el encanto de California. Debido a que he vivido en la frontera toda mi vida, California no era más que un paseo ordinario que podías hacer cualquier día de la semana para ir de compras, a probar la comida tradicional y que te llevaran a Disneyland cuando era tu cumpleaños o te habías portado muy bien. Bueno, sigo haciendo casi todas esas cosas pero ahora lo veo como la oportunidad perfecta de captar esos lugares y paisajes aquí en el blog, busco el encanto californiano por todos lados ya que se acerca el verano y no hay nada que lo complemente mejor que mezclilla, mucha mezclilla.

Parte de nuestra rutina cuando venimos de trabajo, visita, compras, etcétera es llegar por unas hamburguesas que no existen en ninguna otra parte del mundo, donde ningún ingrediente se congela y tienes la opción de elegirla a tu gusto, incluso sin pan, que es lo que solemos pedir nosotros. Y ya si nos sentimos muy decadentes o simplemente no nos podemos resistir, compartimos unas papas fritas entre dos para no sentirnos tan culpables.


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  1. You are hot as always, Loved the denim.
    You should wear bodycon dresses seriously.

  2. xiaoying Reply

    i cannot find the jacket really love this!!!!you are amazing!!!

  3. Nick Reply

    Love your denim shirt. Looks very sexy. Love the way you wear it. Fab blog. Nick

  4. I love how you mixed denim. I normally see just a top to shorts or blazer to shorts denim but you totally nailed this look. Thanks for this! :)

  5. Color of the year makeup today on my fashion blog Please follow me and I’ll follow back! Leave a comment to let me know what you think, I’m new here!

  6. I absolutely love the whole look! =D


  7. Holaaa!! perfecto el look todo denim :) perfecto

    Adri, Joha & Nat

  8. Adriana Reply

    Hola tocaya he visto tu blog y es espectacular, quisiera hacer uno parecido. Podrías darme los principales pasos para tener un diseño de blog tan genial. Saludos desde Venezuela, agradezco tu pronta respuesta. ;)

  9. I lovee your style.. How do you maintain your skin.. Please share..

  10. Perfect combination I like it ,and your heels are to die for <3

  11. Californian or not, this look is awesome! ^^

  12. I love what you’re wearing! A full denim look just looks so great and you’d never think it would – love it! X

  13. I love the jeans look! perfect combination!

    xx, Defne from

  14. Love this casual chic outfit! Shoes are amazing!