C’mon don’t amuse me, I don’t need your sympathy


Vintage shirt from my mom’s closet; scalloped peach shorts from eBay; platform shoes from lovely-shoes.net

Ugh, there’s something I really hate about summer vacations: the heat. I live in a city where a “normal” summer temperature is 45°C, in our worst days we could reach 50°C and I think the record was 55°C on the shadow. Could you imagine that? I laugh my ass off when I see movies where the plot is in a jungle and they say something like “in a burning heat of 30°…” wait, what? seriously?!
So I made this outfit, pretty simple but I think it’s catchy. The shirt is actually a light blazer that my mom had had in her closet for many years, I had to modify it and remove the shoulder pads, which I think made it look antique.

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  1. Jajajaja.., Yo cuando una vez lei en tu fb que hacían 50º y casi me da algo. Yo supongo que el cuerpo de uno termina acostumbrándose a ciertas temperaturas; cuando Yo llegué aqui a Toledo no estaba acostumbrada al calor seco y a los 40º (y sigo sin acostumbrarme) en verano o al frio seco y bajo cero en invierno, por eso me hacía gracia cuando he ido a Argentina a visitar a mi familia en Buenos Aires todo el mundo con bufandas, guantes y capas y capas de ropa y Yo apenas con un cardigan, y lo mismo pasa con el calor, solo que bueno.., Yo el calor lo sufro mucho con dolores de cabeza constantes, mareos, manchas en la piel.
    Pero que quieres que te diga.., siempre pienso en lo bien que llevas el calor, Yo a esa temperatura estaría en la ducha fria todo el dia..

    Me encantan esos shorts, no son mi color favorito pero la forma y el corte son preciosos!!!

  2. love the scalloping on the shorts and the color

  3. Your shorts so pretty, love it! Very beautiful color :)

  4. I am loving those scalloped shorts! I want them! I got your message on IFB and I am now following…feel free to do the same too!


  5. I am def a tad bit jealous that you live in a city so warm during the summer! London is absolutely miserable, raining and cold ;(

    Anyways, love love love the shorts and the shoes! absolutely killer!


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  6. great outfit! very well styled.

  7. Love the shorts!


  8. Hi, you have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the rules and make your nominations! Congrats! xxx

  9. I’m searching high and low for some scalloped shorts like that! Those are perfect, and you look pretty as always.


  10. Thanks for the great tip! Gonna check them out! And you look stunning as always!

  11. YES! Noe heat for me too, please! Hate it! The saving rain continues in my town. While other people hate the weather, I enjoy the fresh air!
    As for your outfit – you are such a doll! Love the nude short and the complicated print on the top!

  12. This outfit is beautiful! I LOVE those shorts. The colors are just perfection, especially with those heels!

  13. Hey Doll!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!



  14. Hi, you have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the rules and make your nominations! Congrats! xxx, Sonia

  15. Me encanta la camisa, muchisimo!
    Y esos zapatos me pueden, no sé si te lo he comentado en otra entrada pero te juro que esos zapatos me enamoran totalmente!

    un beso guapa!! (:

  16. great DIY,love the pattern on your blouse..you look so gorgeous dear ;D

  17. I love digging through my mom’s closet for old goodies too. Those shorts are adorable and fit really well. You have such great color sense :)

  18. donde vives que pensé que solo mexicali, b.c. llegaba a los 50C en verano.. y el sabado llegamos a 51! es un martirio!.. me encantan tus shorts.. super cute look.. saludos!

  19. Those shorts are too cute!! I would be so jealous if you got them for a bargain price again from ebay :)


  20. Pink scalloped shorts! I love, I love, I remember you made a post about them earlier. Very cute :)

  21. Love the way you wore your mom’s shirt :)



  22. Those shorts are adorable and good work re-inventing the shirt/jacket :)

  23. love the shorts!

  24. appreciate what u have :( It’s raining cats and dogs here all the time! glad I’m moving to London on Sunday

  25. I love those shorts. The colour of it and the scallops are so pretty.

  26. Lovely :)

    Great outfit..

    Love xoox

  27. Love your shorts! I’m a sucker for scallop hems!


  28. Me encanta el short es súper lindo <3