Dolores Haze


My outfit for Halloween! When I noticed I was going to be all day at the university on halloween (from 10am to 10pm) I knew I wanted my costume to be comfortable and easy to wear, and also I didn’t want to spend any money. So, I came with the idea of Dolores Haze a week ago, and I noticed I have lots of clothes that could have worked just great! but I went with my scalloped shorts from eBay and my polka-dot blouse which was a gift from my mom.
You can guess it, almost nobody knew who I was and only two people knew I was Lolita, with the exception of my friends. But who cares! we had a really great night at the university with food stands, music, halloween t-shirts and me and a friend sold magazines for a recycle project, many people went with costumes and I felt so nostalgic when I thought that next year I’m going to be graduated!
I must thank my friend Fernanda for taking me pictures with my almost-no-costume ♥

Sunglasses and shorts: eBay
Blouse: doesn’t have tags :(

Hope you had a great Halloween!

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  1. I love the milkmaid braids and your pretty heart shaped sunnies! Also those shorts are some of the most darling things I have seen for a while!

  2. Your Lolita came out perfectly! Those heart-shaped shades – just like in the movie! :)
    P.S. The RIP cakes – OMG, so creepy.. and yummy too!

  3. Pfff, es que la gente si no vas de zombie o dracula no se entera de nada! xDD
    Estabas preciosa, una hermosa Lolita! Jajajaja!!

  4. esos shorts estan taaan lindos,que lastima que no hay de mi talla:(
    adoro este look♥

  5. i love the polka dot top!

  6. Guapa mil, *o* se me antojo un brownie ji

  7. I love your outfit! I’ll go as Lolita next year w/ wig just to be sure I’m recognizable :))

  8. noticed the ♥ print on your heels!!! how cute is that!!!! xoxo

  9. adoro picnic, de las mejores en cuanto a diseño, me encantó el concepto del disfraz muy wearable si estuviste todo el dia en la uni ademas de chic!