Dreams are meant to be accomplished


Yesterday I had my second fashion show and the chance to walk on a runway with two gorgeous dresses.
I remember when I was little and I told my mom how much I would love to be a model, and I still remember the response she gave me: “You can’t be a model, you have tiny eyes, you aren’t that tall and you can’t walk very well“.
All of that was true, I have tiny round eyes, I’m not that tall to be a professional model and I had problems in my feet and couldn’t walk straight. So I gave up too easily, forgot about all that and kept going with my own things. Later I discovered I can use make-up on my tiny eyes to make them bigger, I can use heels to be taller and I used special shoes to correct my feet.
And I remembered all this yesterday, while walking on my own feet down the runway, with fake eyelashes and 5″ heels, and while several camera’s flashes were pointing at me I couldn’t stop thinking: “I told you mom, I can be a model“.
Don’t let anyone tell you what you cannot do!

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  1. Aww! This really brought tears to my eyes… When I was little so many people told me “you cannot be that”, “you cannot do that”, etc. Only my mom always believed that I can become anything I want, and today I’m so happy with who I am and what I achieved by this day.
    Never stop believing in yourself, Adriana! You are beautiful!!!!!!

    Many kisses your way.

  2. you are so pretty! i love your blog. :)

  3. a mi me pasó algo parecido, pero no en cuanto a ser modelo ya que no tengo remedio jaja mido 1.52 y no estoy flaca…PERO mi papá siempre se enojaba porque mis hermanas y yo desde chiquitas nos tardábamos años en arreglarnos para ir a la escuela, a comer, fiestas, lo que sea a donde él nos llevara, siempre decía “no es un desfile de modas, van a la escuela, pónganse lo que sea”… pues hace poco le comenté que me acordé de eso cuando gané un premio en diseño de modas, ya que soy diseñadora.. le dije “papá ya vez, tú me metiste la idea en la cabeza… everyday is a runway show!” jajaja saludos.. gracias por seguirme, te sigo tmb!

  4. You look absolutely beautiful.

    I’d love to do runway, but I’m not runway height at all, I’ve done it for fashion design students at my uni when they’ve had presentations, and I’ve always loved it.

    Of course we can follow each other, following you know…x


  5. Wow you look so gorgeous! Runway is cool :)
    Mind to visit my blog?
    crunchy cheese me.

  6. :) felicidades por tu segunda pasarela, quiero ver fotos!

    p.d. te vez guapisima!

  7. Yo creo que sos preciosa y mil veces mas que muchas modelos de pasarela.

    Y poder cumplir nuestros sueños es tan bonito, me encanta esta entrada, me hace mucha ilusion!!

  8. ..and I told you too, thousands of times. You are so pretty and you also have an impeccable style. Simply flawless.

  9. so awesome you got to do what you want :)

    also i love the purse in the previous post..


  10. Wow! You look beaaauutiful! Love the photo :) and good for you for following your dreams.

  11. wow!me gusto mucho lo que escribiste!me da mucho gusto por ti la vdd te miras super bonita enla foto♥
    Casi me hace llorar lo que escribiste jeje
    Felicidades<3 ojala y sigas modelando y demuestrales a todos los que te decian que no que SI PUEDES! suerteee:)

  12. por cierto, me ha gustado mucho esta entrada :)

  13. :) Yo también quería ser modelo, más bien de fotografia y tal, pero como siempre he sido bajita y he tenido mucho pecho (antes estaba más rellenita, bueno rellenita no, pero he adelgazado y me he estilizado con los años), y mira, no seré modelo profesional de fotos ni nada parecido pero tengo mi propio blog y me saco fotos siempre que quiero jaja

  14. ¡Pues claro que sí! =)