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  1. Perfect outfit! Your outfits are always amazing and I lvoe your blog so much, it’s so inspirational and you are really beautiful, you are my favorite blogger and I adore your style! ^^


  2. I love ripped jeans and I really like how you styled it, creating a glam look and not too edgy! =)

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  3. very cute blazer and combo! I love that you paired such a soft blazer with these edgy ripped jeans, looks perfect!
    love, eve


  4. hadrien Reply

    Super cool oufit
    very nice pics
    Great Blog and work

  5. Leta Reply

    I love your jeans!

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  6. Me encanta el look. Te ves guapísima a la par que elegante. Un beso


  7. i love your photos these days! they are super super sharp! superb quality!! i could see every strand of your lustrous hair! amazing!!! some part of me wanna upgrade to better lens & camera but another part of me is hesitant since i don’t think i will be blogging much longer. but one thing i know i want is ps11 in black!!! i regret not getting black one too. they sold out very quickly (both black & white). awaiting for new shipment…

    i love your previous red & blue outfit more as i always love u in skirts; they show off your nice legs and u look really elegant in skirts! that being said, u always manage to look chic in whatever u wear.


    • Hey beauty, thank you so much! we are sooo happy with our new camera equipment :) it was time already. Don’t say that you’re stopping blogging, I love your blog so much! Although I don’t comment that much because I don’t always have time, I love seeing your pictures and love the locations and the food diaries :) please don’t stop!
      As for the PS11, I would love to own more than 2 o 3 colors hahaha… this isn’t healthy for my wallet :P


  8. I love your outfit here, especially the sandals! :)

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com
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  9. Love your ripped jeans and amazing bag!