Ensenada, day 3


silly me~
Last day in Ensenada. Nothing exciting to say, went to the pier and took a boat ride, I ended up all wet! I was wearing shorts and because of all the wind I was freezing sometimes haha.
I miss the vacations, I’m starting finals in school and I’m not gonna have too much time to blog, I think I won’t have time to sleep sometimes either! But university is almost over, just a year more and I’ll be graduating :) I really want to live on my own, but I’m a little afraid.

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  1. Ya te lo dije, pero como toda una estrella de cine! Tenes un estilazo!!

    Y te admiro por poder usar un escote asi, Yo me compre hace poco una camiseta con un escote parecido y soy incapaz de usarla, siento que se me va a ir bajando y se me verá el sujetador, y eso que no tengo mucho que mostrar.. xDD

  2. Very nice floral shorts :)

  3. I’m loving those floral shorts :)

  4. Very cute! Great that those shorts a floral. Othervise the outfit would be too strict. Flowers add romance and playfulness!