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in this photo –
zipper crop top (similar here), Zara striped shirt (similar here), ASOS cropped frayed jeans (similar here & here), Chloé Faye shoulder bag, Chinese Laundry booties



Wearing: Topshop zipper crop top (similar here), Zara striped shirt (similar here), ASOS cropped frayed jeans (similar here & here),
Chloé Faye shoulder bag, Chinese Laundry booties




A few days ago a blogger colleague was interviewing me at my favorite restaurant, he asked me what I like the most about fashion and also, what I hated the most. The first question was easy, I talk about it on practically every single post in the blog. The second one was a bit more complicated and left me thinking for a few minutes while I twisted my fork into the plate as if the kale salad would give me a proper way to answer. At that moment, I thought my response was hasty but after thinking about it for a few days I confirmed it: I hate the fact that people see fashion as mere superficiality.

I’ll explain myself: fashion is indeed superficial, but us people who love it and follow it aren’t necessarily. We’re not rich, we ain’t looking for handsome boyfriends, neither we like to pretend we always go to super expensive and exclusive places, and most important, we don’t rely our true friendships in clothing. Fashion is a simple way of expressing ourselves, like people who wants to express their love for Hello Kitty and own a personal souvenir shop as a house. We might expend a few thousands on a bag, but then we will wear it with the Zara shirt everyone already owns,  a pair of second-hand trousers we found for 10€ and a pair of booties you thought were much more expensive than they actually are (in case you didn’t notice it, I just described this outfit).

So, please say farewell to preconceptions, if you see a well-dressed person in the street and you like it, say something nice, it’s free! (I’m talking to you, tourist who started to mock at me while we took these photos, deep down I know you actually loved these booties). Let’s be less harsh with our prejudgments and focus that energy into finding a way to make our lifes less stressful.

Hace unos días que un colega blogger me hacía una entrevista en mi restaurante favorito, me preguntó qué es lo que me gusta más de la moda y lo que odio de ella. La primera pregunta es fácil, hablo de eso en cada post del blog. La segunda es más complicada y me dejó pensando unos minutos mientras daba vueltas al tenedor en el plato como si buscase la respuesta en el fondo de la ensalada de kale. En ese momento pensé que mi respuesta fue apresurada pero después de pensarlo por algunos días lo confirmé: odio que la gente vea a la moda como mera superficialidad.

Me explico: la moda es en efecto superficial, pero la gente que la seguimos no necesariamente lo somos. No somos ricos, ni buscamos novios guapos, ni nos gusta pretender ir a lugares exclusivos y, sobre todo, no basamos nuestras verdaderas amistades en ropa. La moda es una simple vía de expresión para nosotros, así como quién quiere expresar su amor por Hello Kitty y tiene su casa como tienda de souvenirs. Podremos gastarnos algunos miles en bolsos, para después combinarlo con la camisa de Zara que todo mundo tiene, con unos pantalones de segunda mano que encontramos por 10€ y unas botas que jurarías que son más caras de lo que aparentan (por si no lo notaron, acabo de describir este atuendo).

Así que, díganle adiós a los prejuicios, si ven a alguien en la calle bien vestido, hagan un cumplido, ¡es gratis! (Te hablo a ti, turista que comenzó a burlarse mientras tomábamos estas fotos, en el fondo sé que te gustaron las botas). Seamos menos prejuiciosos con las personas y enfoquemos esa energía en encontrar formas de hacer nuestra vida más fácil.


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  1. Well said – its another way we express our individuality. Some write, some paint, others can dance.. we dress.
    Y me imagino los evil eyes cuando tomabas las fotos: Te miran mal por verte bien ;)

  2. Katherine Reply

    They’re hating and you look fabulous, slayyy!

  3. Good and beautiful clothes not means abuot vanity. Elegance is our and our life quality and the price for that it dierent thing. If you look great, just it is.
    I love your style and you are inspire for me.

  4. Mabel Reply

    Look, I love clothes, I make a lot of my own and I love it as a form of expression. I like making an impression, I let my clothes introduce me. For me it’s just another language. I even took courses in fashion-sociology.
    But… One has to see that there are more important things in the world. I think your argument is especially flawed because you wear Zara and other brands that are known to use slave-labour to produce their clothes. They also shamelessly copy true designers and are never original. It doesn’t make you look less superficial but more so.

  5. Perfect response! I absolutely agree and stand by you as a citizen of the fashion world :)

  6. I agree, it isn’t always about the vanity of fashion..people never quite seem to get that.

  7. Word. :) I like looking at people who dress fashionably. And I always wonder where they got their clothing and assume that they bought it from some expensive brand or had it coutured but later on I will realize that these people, people like you, are just soooo good in mixing and matching outfits!

  8. I agree, actually, when I started blogging, I had so many of my friends tell me that ‘they would never look at my site and couldn’t believe I had turned into such an airhead.’ Then others directly told me that supporting the fashion industry made me what is wrong with the world.
    They just don’t get it. It took me a while to feel okay with what I was interested in entirely. I actually stopped blogging for a while too. Then I realised how, I wasn’t doing it for them and that if they couldn’t see past their own perceptions and would let that come between us, they were not worth counting as friends anymore.
    xx Jenelle

  9. I completely agree with you. I hate some people I know mock me frequently when I took some pictures for my blog told me that I try too hard to be fashion blogger. Well, I just want to show to world about my personal style.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I design and make my own clothes, my sweat blood and tears are in every stitch {if I were to dramatically describe the time-consuming process} and when people start talking about the superficiality of fashion, it infuriates me. Yes, fashion is centered around outwards appearance, but it’s a lot more than that. Fashion is one of the best tools for self-expression because it directly influences how you feel about yourself and communicates the message of what you stand for. It’s complex, and it’s a shame this creative industry and it’s participants are not treated better.

  11. Nada que no pueda negar!!! Superficial son muchas cosas, la pasión por la moda y por expresarnos a través de ella es todo menos superficial.


  12. This Chloe bag is so gorgeous, with such a unique design too! The entire outfit is just perfect!

  13. Bravo Adriana, me ha encantado el post
    Hasta lo he compartido en Fbk jajaja
    Un beso
    Mila Plaza

  14. Margarita Maslova Reply

    Love you jeans and shoes is amazing! You look so stylish! | Insta: @m_margaritka

  15. Marianne Reply

    No eres superficial por nada, me encantan tus looks y siempre encuentro mucha inspiración en tu blog.
    Un abrazo!

  16. I completely agree! You couldn’t have said it better! And oh goodness, I always get people starring at me, and even look at me like I’m crazy or “over doing it” just because I’m taking pictures for my blog 😒. Don’t worry that tourist did like your style and of course would keep coming back to your blog if she would read it. She’s just jelly 😏

  17. I love this! Yeah people should really stop making nasty eyes at us fashion lovers. It gets annoying sometimes.

  18. Me encantó tu post!

    Y estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo que la gente cree que el mundo de la moda todo y todos somos superficiales. Y creo que tú eres un claro ejemplo que es todo lo contrario.

    Eres súper real y sincera, me encantan tus posts y tus looks!

    Besos desde LA

  19. Me encanto tu outfit de este post! … pero sobre todo tus palabras.
    Me he querido dedicar a hacer blogger, sin embargo por prejuicios o tal vez por no tener la ropa a la moda y cara, no me he animado a hacerlo en su totalidad.
    Pero como bien dices, no todo el glamour o popularidad, y agradezco también nos hagas ver que eres otra chica como todas nosotras!
    Muchas gracias por tu blog Adri :)