The Fashion Week Hiatus

in this photo –
Delphine The Label tweed set, Proenza Schouler PS11 classic, Mango earrings, Proenza Schouler sandals




There are countless reasons why fashion week is always a good idea, so many, that if I were to put them in a list I could go from A to Z and I would be short on letters. Because fashion week is around the corner and questions about my assistance on social media are growing, I’ll like to talk about a topic many bloggers should too.

Fashion week started for me as the opportunity to meet new designers, people and places. I found it so fascinating and bracing, even though I went back home to sleep for 18 hours on a row because of how exhaustive it is. Yes, fashion week does inject you with a big dose of energy and inspiration, but it also entails an important inversion of money and time.

Both are necessary to give you the luxury of traveling, assist the shows, take quality photos and do your best to have a good time. That’s time I can’t take off of my schedule every year unless I sacrifice my vacations from my day job, where I have projects not only professional, but for a lifetime. Trying to balance all those things is complicated and the main reason why I haven’t assisted a fashion week in two years (and probably the reason for many other bloggers, besides of the abysmal drop of invitations from brands and designers).

Hay incontables razones por las que fashion week es siempre una buena idea, tantas, que si las pusiera en una lista podría ir de la A a la Z y me faltarían letras. Ahora que fashion week se encuentra a la vuelta de la esquina y las preguntas sobre mi asistencia en redes sociales comienzan a abundar,
voy a tocar un tema que otras bloggers deberían también.

Fashion week inició para mí como la oportunidad de conocer a nuevos diseñadores, personas y lugares. Todo me resultaba fascinante y vigorizante, aunque al final de la semana al regresar a casa tuviese que dormir 18 horas corridas. Sí, fashion week inyecta una importante cantidad de energía e inspiración, pero también conlleva una inversión no solo monetaria, sino de tiempo.

Ambas cosas son necesarias para poder darte el lujo de viajar, asistir, tomar fotografías de calidad e intentar pasártelo bien. Es un tiempo que no puedo darme cada año a menos que sacrifique mis días de vacaciones en mi trabajo de día, en donde tengo proyectos no solo profesionales, sino de vida. Intentar que la balanza quede a tu favor es complicado y es la principal razón por la que no he asistido a fashion week en dos años (y muy seguramente por la que otras bloggers tampoco, además de la caída abismal en invitaciones de parte de marcas y diseñadores).


Laia Navalón, my best friend in Barcelona. Guess what? I met her in New York Fashion Week.
top –
Delphine The Label tweed set, Mango earrings
left –
Proenza Schouler PS11 classic, Proenza Schouler sandals

Favorite looks and details from amt studio runway at 080 Barcelona, 2017.


However, I’ll do it again. Not today and maybe not tomorrow, because right at this moment I have priorities for both my personal and professional life; priorities that don’t include strolling around in Paris with a borrowed bag which I must return within two hours, or pretending I’m not sick and tired of wearing heels for the fifth time in the week, but I’ll do it once my life gets a sweet spot where I can take a whole week (or two, why not) to prepare a trip, take all those photos I have shaped into my imagination and meet new people.

Even though the Internet has brought us many amenities, including the facility to see runway shows in your phone, nothing compares to the magic of living the experience, breathing the creativity and inspiration every single one of the assistant evokes. Because that’s why fashion week was made. So, wait for me please, because we will always have Paris.

Sin embargo, lo volveré a hacer. Hoy no y tal vez no mañana, ya que de momento mi vida tiene prioridades tanto personales como profesionales; prioridades que no son pasearme por París con un bolso prestado que debo regresar en dos horas, o fingir que no estoy cansada de usar tacones por quinta vez en la semana, pero sí cuando mi vida por fin encuentre un punto dulce en el que pueda dedicar toda una semana (o dos, por qué no) a prepararme para viajar, tomar todas esas fotos que tengo plasmadas en mi imaginación y darme la oportunidad de conocer gente nueva.

Si bien el Internet nos ha brindado muchas comodidades, incluyendo la facilidad de ver los desfiles en la pantalla del teléfono, nada se compara con la magia de estar ahí y respirar la creatividad e inspiración que evocan cada uno de los asistentes. Porque para eso se hizo fashion week. Así que, espérame por favor, porque we will always have Paris.



Wearing: Delphine The Label tweed set, Proenza Schouler PS11 classic, Mango earrings, Proenza Schouler sandals


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  1. alex dainel Reply

    Totally loving your blog..

  2. Juciano Reply

    Hola, Adriana,

    Have dos años que acompaño tu blog. Sou encantando con la manera que escribes y mi gustán mucho las tomas de fotos. Soy de Brasil i estoy viviendo en Barcelona desde 2 de Julio deste año para estudios post-doctorales.

    • Hola Juciano, muchas gracias por seguir al blog por tanto tiempo! Mucha suerte con tus estudios en Barcelona. Disfruta mucho de la ciudad que es preciosa <3

  3. I love this set, I have the skirt, it’s stunning! I can not stop wearing it. Such a cool cut and fabric. It looks beautiful on you.
    xx Jenelle

  4. Hola Adriana,

    Tengo mucho siguiendo tu blog, me encanta como escribes, la calidad de tus posts y tu honestidad.
    Te deseo muchísimo éxito en tus proyectos personales y profesionales.

    Besos y saludos desde NY! xx

    – S

  5. Adriana, i really loved your words because they’re so damn honest. I would love to attend fashion weeks too, but for now i just can not sacrifice a week of holidays from my day job for that. But, one day i will.
    When i started following your blog i thought you’re full time blogger because your content is always really good. Is it in your plans? You’re doing a great job, anyway.
    Have a great day.

    • Hi Catarine, thanks for commenting. I did fashion blogging as a full-time job for a year but now that I’m living in Spain I need a desk job in order to maintain my visa. So… yeah, it’s hard! But I actually feel way more useful now that I work in communications too, when I was blogging full time I felt my job was so very superficial. Hope we can meet in fashion week one day!! xx

  6. Hola Adriana,

    Primero que nada me encantó tu outfit, es como una versión summer friendly de algún clásico de Chanel ;)

    Y segundo, me encanta que seas tan honesta y que digas las cosas como en realidad son, nunca he ido a algún Fashion Week fuera de México pero supongo que ese maratón de ir y venir, hacer fotos, asistir a desfiles, etc. es un reto y que requiere tiempo (si yo en los de DF medio me cansaba jaja xD). Aunque precisamente por eso me gustaría que volvieras a cubrir uno, siento que muchas cuentas y gente que va se queda en lo superficial :(

    Un abrazo

    • Pienso tal cual Pablo, creo que bloggers como tú son las que me gustaría ver en Fashion Weeks por tu honestidad y autenticidad :)
      Un besito para los dos! Y gracias Adriana de mis amores por cada uno de tus post, son pura inspiración!

    • Hola Pablo! Gracias por siempre comentar :D
      La verdad es que fashion week es algo que odias y amas al mismo tiempo, es difícil, cansado y costoso pero sales un montón de tu zona de confort. Me encantaría cubrir uno muy pronto! Ojalá se de la oportunidad. Un abrazo y nos vemos pronto por Barcelona ;) xx

  7. I really admire your honesty, kudos to you! I think it’s definitely more farsighted to focus on your day job and personal life, because well…let’s face it, Fashion Weeks are not the most important things in life :D. Anyway, I hope that you will find a balance in your life and go to FW without regrets and with happiness :).

    • Hi Johanka, thanks for commenting! Fashion week is quite important if you’re a blogger, tho. But it’s absolutely not the end of the world. I hope I can find that balance soon! Have a great week babe! xx

  8. You look stunning! I totally feel you about FW, it is a lot to handle even though it is great fun. As we say in French “ce n’est que partie remise” (there will always be another time) ahah x

  9. I have been waiting for this post since you moved to Spain. A blogger life is not what it seems, and I am proud of you because you can say it out loud.

    • Hi babe, thank you so much for commenting. I’m definitely not afraid to say fashion week is expensive and less doable if you have a day job! :)

  10. I love how you speak the truth and tell us why certain things are going on. I know better things are to come for you girl <3 Much love!!

    • Thank you so much, Karen, for all your support through all this time! I cannot be anything else but honest with you about the real life issues we all encounter in life. xx

  11. Well said, girl! I totally feel you on this. As many reasons as there are to go to fashion week, there are also plenty of reasons not to. NYFW is also where we met! :) of course the connection aspect is one of the best but I think you were very smart in how you weighed your decision. Good luck <3
    x Sabrina

    • I remember exactly the moment we met! Was it at Le Pain Quotidien? NYFW is one of my favorite things in life but also very expensive and not-so-doable for me right now :( hopefully we can meet soon again! xx

  12. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Simply gorgeous … love ❤️ the outfit look! :)

    🌸LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  13. Gorgeous look, love the statement sandals!