Feeling the past moving in, letting a new day begin


Turquoise shirt from my mom; scallop peach shorts and white quilted bag from eBay; white pumps from lovely shoes.

Yesterday my luck was awful :( because I was so careless my car is in a very bad state now and I cannot use it. I feel relieved that my mom is going to pay the costs but I still feel pretty stupid (the temperature went very high and I didn’t notice it). 
Bothering people with giving you a ride is not cool :/

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  1. Dimelo a mi que no tengo permiso de conducir, le tengo terror a ponerme al volante y no se como superar el miedo.., espero que te lo arreglen pronto!!

    El color de esa blusa es espectacular, y con los shorts queda increible!! :333

  2. Such a nice look, never thought those two colours would ook good toghether!
    I saw your other blog! so different! you do a great work, love both of them!
    Donpt know why i´m speaking you in english if probably you speak spanish too! lol hahah


  3. fantastic set ! i love your shirt and shorts ! :)

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the colours so much!

  5. tres palabras: YOU GOT STYLE! :P

  6. Really lovely shorts! Love the scalloped edge hem!


  7. Very fresh and beautiful :) Sorry about your car :(

    Have an awesome weekend!


  8. good luck with the car!
    btw, the colours here are beautiful, and those shorts are gorgeous! I’m following you, didn’t know your blog before. :)

  9. i love these colours together, so beautiful. X


  10. Sorry your car is so messed up, :(

    You look very pretty though! Those shorts are very unique in pattern and color.

  11. these shorts are so cool!!! I need to look on ebay too!

  12. The shorts are charming and I love how you combined the pale pink with the bright blue :)

  13. me encanta!
    me enamore de tus shorts♥_♥

  14. I love everything about your outfit, you look amazing! =D

  15. wow beautiful! im loving the scalloped shorts, so so so lovely.


  16. That blouse is so pretty! I love this!

  17. Those shorts are gorgeous!
    Public transportation has become my life. I used to have a car, then it died on me, and then I conveniently moved to New York where I don’t need one anyway. Good luck with your car issues!

    Forest Wine

  18. very nice color combo and I love the scallops shorts!

  19. I realllllllly love your color choices here!!!! Also scallop hem +++++!!!!

    I hope everything works out with you and your car