Reclaiming Femininity

in this photo –
Cuplé floral dress,
Skinny Dip velvet backpack, PROF sneakers


in collab. with CUPLÉ
shoot in MONTJUÏC

I had the most stereotypical childhood you can imagine. My concept of femininity was forged on a very early age in an environment surrounded by Disney princesses, tea cups and painting classes. The fact that my grandmother was a very hand-skilled seamstress and loved to made me flowy dresses, didn’t help for my idea of feminine to be more diverse. With the arrival of my adolescence years, rebellion, my total disinterest for cooking and the things that a girl was supposed to do, I began to internally adopt an anti-feminine attitude, believing that would make me stronger and more independent.

I could not have been more wrong. Thing is, in today’s society femininity is often oppressed by ourselves, and whether I believe there’s nothing more important than education, confidence and a firm consolidation in a woman’s world, I also think we must seek for a balance between its conventional side; the one we show with sharp belts, the blush on the cheeks or running our hand through the hair, along the natural femininity that is exteriorised from the most subtle forms, the glimpsed in a wink or a smile and which, of course, is not exclusive to the female sex.

Tuve la infancia más estereotipada que se puedan imaginar. Mi concepto de lo que era femenino se forjó a una edad muy temprana rodeada de princesas de Disney, tazas de té y clases de pintura. El hecho que mi abuela fuese una costurera con mucha habilidad para coser volantes y encaje no ayudaba a que mi idea de feminidad fuese más amplia. Con la llegada de mi adolescencia, la rebeldía, mi total desinterés por la cocina y las cosas que se suponía que una chica debería hacer, comencé a adoptar internamente una actitud anti-femenina, creyendo que eso me haría más fuerte e independiente.

No podría haber estado más equivocada. Pasa que en la sociedad actual la feminidad es muchas veces oprimida por nosotras mismas, y si bien creo que no hay nada más importante que la educación, confianza y una firme consolidación del mundo de una mujer, también creo que debemos buscar un equilibrio entre su lado convencional; el que demostramos con cinturas acentuadas, el rubor en las mejillas o cuando deslizamos la mano por el cabello, con aquella feminidad naturalmente propia que se exterioriza de las formas más sutiles, la que se vislumbra en un guiño o una sonrisa y que, por supuesto, no es exclusiva del sexo femenino.

set of three –
Cuplé floral dress, Cuplé lace-up sandals, Guess menswear belt
Because of that reason, in collaboration with the Spanish brand CUPLÉ and one of the most feminine dresses I’ve worn in the last decade, I bring you a small tribute to not only what I consider was my ideal beauty from my very-squared childhood, but in which I reconcilie with that feeling of femininity I was for so long trying to keep away.

With dress or without it, femininity is and will ever be one of our best tools to increase our strength, confidence and to empower our genre, and that’s the only kind of feminism idea I want to be part of and the one that deserves a spot in my wardrobe.

Por eso, en colaboración con la marca española CUPLÉ y uno de los vestido más femeninos que he usado en la última década, les traigo un pequeño homenaje a lo que no solo considero mi ideal de belleza de aquella infancia de cuadro de sala de estar, sino en el que reconcilio aquella sensación de feminidad que por mucho tiempo me resultó indiferente.

Con vestido o sin él, la feminidad es y será siempre una de nuestras mejores armas para brindarnos fuerza, confianza y empoderar a nuestro género, y esa es la única clase de idea feminista de la que quiero formar parte y que merece estar en mi armario.

in this duo –
Cuplé lace-up sandals, DSTLD leather jacket, Sophie Hulme Milner Nano bag
Wearing: Cuplé floral dress, Cuplé lace-up sandals, Skinny Dip velvet backpack, Guess menswear belt, PROF sneakers, DSTLD leather jacket, Sophie Hulme Milner Nano bag

This post is sponsored by Cuplé.
All opinions and creative content are my own.

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  1. Amé cada foto ¡y ese vestido! Me encanta el diseño de tus post ¿cómo lo haces?
    Bellisimo todo en este post.

  2. hello! i really liked your post. please share some more. cheers!

  3. I loved, loved, LOVED reading this post. I feel like I’m reading this at the right time when I need it most. When I recently read about the (more than a little sexist) comments James Cameron made about the movie Wonder Woman, I was VERY annoyed, and very upset. To me it sounded like he was implying a woman cannot exhibit feminine qualities and be empowered and strong at the same time. I wish someone could make him see how utterly wrong he is. Your post is definitely a piece of evidence of how both men AND women need to fix their idea on true feminism.

    I cannot end my comment without commenting on your outfit here though: BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful. To have that voluminous dress and THOSE SHOESSS, in my closet, wow. The perfect outfit to accompany your beautifully-written post. <3

    • Babe, I love reading all your comments. Every single one of them. I think you’re one of the most interesting women I’ve ever read. Genres are definitely filled with stereotypes, but everything will evolve, and I’m pretty sure the future is genderless. Skirts for men, suits for woman and viceversa. I just wish I could be alive to witness it :)

      Thank you so much as always for all your thoughtful comments, they make my day :) x

  4. Love this editorial! The dress is gorgeous

  5. Concuerdo tal y cual cada una de tus palabra, Adriana, creo que haz rendido un homenaje que nos lee muy bien a muchas mujeres!
    Lo tuyo es otro nivel, insuperable!
    Un abrazo, bella mía!

  6. Alina Reply

    Now florals on you really are groundbreaking!

  7. I think I was a bit the same, I was dressed in the most feminine pieces that when I was able to dress myself I rebelled and wanted to wear tomboyish styles. Now I quite like an in-between of both. These shots and this garden are just stunning!
    xx Jenelle

    • I agree the perfect balance (for me, at least) it’s a mix between feminine and ultra-masculine pieces. Thanks for sharing your thoughts babe!

  8. Looking gorgeous as usual!! Great styling and thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

  9. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Sweet florals design for a parfait day in Autumn! :)

    🍂🍁LA BIJOUX BELLA 🍂🍁| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog