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  1. Teo Reply

    Love the bag!! Is it the MIELE colour?? Thanks

  2. In love with this simple yet gorgeous look! Thanks for the styling ideas!
    Kelly x

  3. Adriana i totally agree with you. Nowadays i prefer quality over quantity, even if i would have a lot of quality pieces in my wardrobe if i could. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, i absolutely love your outfit and the scent of this Miu Miu perfume.
    Have a great day.

  4. I know, I know, quality over quantity but there are so many tempting things out there A. I think you did a wonderful job styling the Cuyana items.

  5. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. Love this look x


  6. Cada post tuyo es una pasada! Editoriales que da gusto verlas, tan cuidadas y delicadas…
    Como bien te dije en Instagram: tienes un estilo único, personal, sincero y por sobre todo, bello! Marcas tendencias sin tener que seguirlas… Además, me encanta lo que escribes! Es que no puedes llevar más razón, en ciertas cosas (como dices), menos es más.
    Un abrazo bella de mi corazón!

  7. Ooooh how I love this outfit! That cashmere jumper looks like the softest thing in the world. <3


  8. Amé todo, este nuevo background le dio un giro inesperado al look!