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  1. Siegfried Palmers Reply

    went back to some former posts today and found this. CrazyLove the outfit ;)

  2. Amazing dress,love your bag.You look gorgeous http://www.thenorthfacei.com

  3. Hey,
    Me encanto el outfit por completo, estas hermosa!


  4. Love this outfit! And that red lipstick is the perfect shade! I’ll have to try it for myself. xo

  5. I love stripes !
    I have striped garments in several different versions, but I really love the top.
    It looks so unique.

    xx Julia


  6. Gorgeous!
    love this outfit, especially the stripes top! :)

    Lilu’s Voyage

  7. You look great and are totally right. Basics can be utilized to their best potential which is why I live in and out of them. I cannot say how many ‘trendy’ pieces I have in my wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day just because their glory is fleeting. ^^

  8. Gorgeous look! You always look so effortless and stylish!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  9. This is a great idea, today I’m going to take my most basic pieces and make a super fun and comfortable look! This is amazing the black/white/denim combination and you really look like you’re having fun. Insant crush with the top and the black stripes, I can’t understand what kind of fabric they’re made of and that makes me look at them even more!

    • It’s a kind of sheer knit with some glitter in it, very special indeed *_* totally recommended because it’s a basic with a twist :D (and that’s always good right? especially if you have a closet full of basics lol)

  10. pia Reply

    Gorgeous outfit, I absolutely love it!
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  11. Love the striped shirt! And the jacket is fantastic!