Guanajuato, humid place


When I went to Guadalajara, I had the opportunity to visit Guanajuato, a city that is famous by its urbanization, architecture and mummies. I had a really great time, visited many important places and got scared by the mummies haha. It’s a really gorgeous city.

A funny thing about this city is that there isn’t any transit signal or billboard anywhere, it’s forbidden by the law so the view and the colonial feeling of the city is conserved. So the cars drove very slowly and the streets are also really small. Surprisingly, the people in the city was kind and humble.
The architecture was beautiful.
And they were selling souvenirs everywhere, really cheap!
My friends and I went to a “Callejoneada” and we walked by many famous streets in the city, singing, drinking (juice, haha) and admiring everything!
Alley of the Kiss.
There is a legend: In one house lived a young lady, Anna, daughter to a rich man, in the house at the other side lived a poor miner, Carlos, after a while they fell in love. One night, they kissed above the alley since their balconies where so close together, the young lady’s father noticed the scene and in his fury killed his daughter so she wouldn’t marry a poor man. That’s why they called the alley, “Alley of the Kiss” and if you brought a couple you should kiss at the third step of the stairs for good luck. My boyfriend didn’t go with me, sadly :(
Sorry, no mummy pictures, they were disgusting! (at least for me).

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  1. Guanajuato es hermoso de verdad. Saludos guapa. x

  2. que sitio tan bonito! me encantaria ir a visitarlo :)