I went shopping yesterday :D, I didn’t have too much time though so I just bought a few pieces that I –needed-.
This sweater? cardigan? blouse? from rue21, I like that it looks like you have a cardigan over a blouse :)
The PERFECT mini-shorts for everyone. Seriously, I think this shorts could make anybody look great! the cut is very flattering. I was at Charlotte Russe and they only had size 2 and 6, so I was praying in the fitting room for the size 2 to fit me, and it did! they’re even a little big on the waist, I wanted to cry of emotion because I haven’t been able to fit a size 2 since I was… 13 years-old!
I also bought this nude/taupe color pumps from Naturalizer, after I realized I don’t need the sandals from F21 nor the tweed jacket (I already have two).
This pair will go with anything :) dresses, jeans, jeggings, skirts ♥ a really must.

A couple of bow rings from Charlotte Russe, so cute and romantic!
I specially love the double finger one ♡

And my mother-in-law gave me this as a Christmas present! a mark. crystal shimmer for body and face, but is so glowy that I’m using it as a highlight for my face.
I want this year to end now, I have so many good memories but I have to let them go away.
I’m sooo gonna party on New Years Eve!!!

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  1. es que son irresistibles <3 preciosos

  2. Compre los shorts! Fui a CR y no pude evitarlo. Tambien entre en los talla 2 y me senti wow <3
    Son muy lindos y tienes razon con respecto al corte!