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I lost a lot of weight 2 years ago, about 24 pounds. Since that moment, I’ve been trying to keep a healthy lifestyle because I want to avoid any serious illness in the future and mantain my weight (also, who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds after holidays?)
I’m not an expert nor a nutritionist so I’ll not give you a full diet but tips that work for me. I hope you find this tips useful and maybe not everything will suit your lifestyle but at least you get an idea of what can you do to improve your choices.

  • Try that most of your meals are balanced. This means you need veggies + protein + carbs + fats. Stick to good omega fats like nuts, avocado, tuna, etc. Your veggies should be more than anything else in your plate.
  • Always eat your breakfast. If you don’t have anything for breakfast, your metabolism will slow down. You need at least 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism fast and working, this is what makes you more energetic during the day. If you don’t have a lot of time, have a whole-grain cereal bar, an apple, fruit with low fat yogurt, etc.
  • Drink water, at least 2 litres daily. It could be water, tea, coffee or milk. Just remember that caffeine dehydrates you a little bit so drink an extra glass of water if you had too much coffee.
  • Know your calorie needs. We all need a different goal of calories in a day because our activities and heights are different. You can easily know your caloric needs in several pages dedicated to that. Maybe you won’t count calories, but you get the basic idea of how much you really need to eat.
  • Plan your meals. Maybe it’s hard, especially if you have a difficult schedule. You can make a big bowl of salad that could last you a week in your refrigerator, you can take sandwiches for lunch at work or if you have the luck to have a microwave you can take a stew with veggies. You have a lot of options, just try to find them.
This is what I used to take to school for 8 hours of classes. Turkey sandwich with veggies, strawberry cereal bar, apple sauce and two cookies just in case I need aditional energy (it was the day I was spoiling myself!).
This counts as 2-3 small meals.

  • Make at least 30min exercise everyday. There are no excuses, I used to be very lazy about this and said I didn’t have time, but you absolutely can find 30min in your day! Try spinning, jogging, aerobic… something you like and keeps you entertained. 
  • If you feel hungry in between your meals think if you really need to eat again. Maybe you’re just bored, or most of the time you’re just thirsty. Try chewing gum if you need to have something in your mouth (I do this when I’m studying and I feel stressed)
  • Have something that you like every now and then. If you are quitting everything you love and stick to a rigid diet, chances are you get sad and depressed because you’re not eating the things you love. Have a couple of cookies, a few chips or something that you really like every now and then.
  • If you are going to weigh yourself, do it in the morning before breakfast. We all weight 1-2 pounds more at night.
  • Avoid red meats as much as possible, they’re full of trans fat. I prefer chicken breast, turkey and tuna.
  • Be patient. Losing weight takes time, don’t be hard on yourself if you aren’t losing it as fast as you would like, try to see this “diet” as your new lifestyle and embrace it. Let’s face it, if you make a diet and then return to eat as before, you’re just going to gain back all that weight. This is something you must do all your life.
I think that’s all I can think of right now. As I said, I’m not an expert or a professional in this area, but I think this tips are healthy and achievable for everyone.
Stay healthy and stylish! Good luck ;)

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  1. Totally agree with every word of your post. The most important thing is to listent to what ur body wants. Living in perfect union with your own body can make everyone happy. Like for example – if I want berries right now right here I’m going to eat it (except maybe the time after 8 p.m). Eat what your body (not your brain – like in cases with cupcakes!!!) wants – and you’ll feel that your organism is thankful. And very important fact is that person has not only to want to loose weight, but also believe in that fact.

  2. Yo soy de esa gente que no desayunaba XD >o< nunca nunca. Desde hace poco lo estoy haciendo. Tambien como por aburrimiento o ansiedad, osea solo por comer XD. Intentare eso de mascar chicle, aunque no soy fan los chicles XD pero creo que si me ayudaria, gracias por el tip :D. Como dices tu, debe ser un estilo de vida :D. Yo soy bien floja XD pero si se puedeee :D.

  3. I think its very healthy advice. You want something you can maintain for a long time, the worst you can do is loose a lot of weight in a short time by a diet you will never be able to follow trough!

  4. apple sauce? jaamás la había escuchado, la tuve que googlear jaja es como gerber no?
    la verdad yo de peso ya ni sé, soy de esas qe se las vive pensando qe con 3 kilos menos sería feliz ajja no importa en que peso esté, real, agregale qe soy malísima para la frutas y verduras, todo un fracaso para una vida sana :( hahaa

  5. I loved reading with this and couldn’t agree with you more! I also lost about 20 pounds last year, and this was mainly due to healthy eating. I was always a certain weight and then about a year ago I ate a LOT of bad food and drank alcohol, quit basketball and was very sedentary. Now I live by your rules, I eat only when I’m hungry (usually five times a day), drink tea when I’m hungry too early, drink plenty of water, I’m back playing basketball and like I said I lost all that weight again.
    It pains me to hear people saying “I need to diet/starve myself asap”, when all that is really needed is exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

    Thanks for posting this :)

  6. Yo VIVO comiendo por aburrimiento, y reconozco que tengo un metabolismo increíble, porque si no lo tuviera pesaría 100 kilos, vivo comiendo tonterías y muy mal, y lo peor es que no hago nada de ejercicio. Todo lo que empiezo lo dejo, necesito determinación, porque todo lo que como se me va al trasero y los muslos y me veo deforme D: Porque la verdad es que estoy en mi peso ideal, el problema es que lo tengo mal distribuido xP

    Los consejos son super útiles, espero conseguir la fuerza de voluntad para lograr algo parecido! <3

  7. Wow! I need to lose the same amount! I’ve been telling myself that I need to eat better for the past year. I’m SLOWLY doing this, but it’s so hard! I’m going to make it though! Thanks for reminding me how important it is to me healthy!

  8. Buen artículo :)
    Mucha gente piensa que tiene que matarse de hambre cuando más bien se trata de moderar las porciones y no comer “por aburrimiento”… aunque eso del chicle que mencionas me abre el apetito, prefiero estar tomando agua :P

    Se me antojaron las fresas u_u

    • haha si :D lo que funcione mejor para ti, a mi el chicle me calma la sensacion de querer comer dulces, o incluso a veces me como unas pastillas de vitamina c masticables porque tienen la misma consistencia que los caramelos :P

  9. it’s sooo true! i eat and snack most of the time when i’m bored! i try to just drink water when i feel like eating.

  10. wow!! it needs a lot of determination to shed 24 pounds!! yup, i don’t believe in starving yourself to lose weight. balance diet & eating in moderation is the key. i have been trying to exercise for the last 2 years but i still haven’t started doing it yet!!!

    i agree with you, sometime i eat out of boredom :P

    great article dear xoxo

  11. “Maybe you’re just bored” LOL