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  1. Me encantó el post! Justo llevo días pensando en hablar de este tema en el blog, con matices claro….
    Muchas de estas cosas que dices ya las hago/utulizo aunque para planificar uso UNUM, pruébala que seguro te va mejor que con VSCO para ver cómo quedaría.
    Un besito

  2. Kristina Wilde Reply

    Loved this read babe! So beautifully written and presented! One of my favorite Instagram accounts and absolutely love your aesthetic.
    Kristina Wilde

  3. perfectamente explicado y muy buenos tips…. me encanta tu cuenta de instagram by the way!!!



  4. Me encanta cómo se ve tu cuenta de Instagram!! Y cómo te quedan las fotos me gusta muchísimo. Consigues sacarle mucho partido a las fotografías con las aplicaciones. Yo suelo usar solo photoshop, y soy horrible haciendo fotos con el móvil. Bueno, es que mi móvil es realmente malo para esto jajaja. Muy buen post! Un saludo!

  5. I really enjoyed your post. You have one of the most beautiful instagram feeds so it is useful hearing about what you have to say regarding the matter. I think the point you made about only posting the best quality is important.

    I am also totally with you for point 2!

    Adrianna xx


  6. Adri como estas?

    Lo siento, pero creo que todos tus tips me los voy a robar!! jajaja Mil gracias por compartinos tus tecnicas para las fotos, por que muchos sufrimos a la hora de editar la foto y es horrible cuando por mas que intentas no queda y terminas por no postearla. Ya tengo las apps en mi iphone. Ojala un dia te des una vuelta por mi IG :-) @manu_strong Y tomare muy en serio eso de LA CALIDAD VIENE PRIMERO. Por cierto tus historias en IG son super cool siempre!!! Saludos desde CDMX :-)

  7. I don’t have Photoshop on my computer :( and I don’t have hand to take pictures as well. You posted a very good article and I want to try run my instagram again.

    • If you don’t have Photoshop I recommend you the Photoshop Fix app, it doesn’t have the option for Photo Filter but you can use the Paint option to apply a layer of a very subtle grey color all over the photo, it does the job.
      May I suggest you a small tripod for your phone or camera if your hand isn’t stable? :) xx

  8. Fantastic post. I love your pictures.
    Thank you for many very useful tips. Certainly I will use it to improve my blog


  9. love this post <3 so helpful and informative :) thank you for sharing Adriana :)


  10. These are amazing tips, I personally love the detailing level snapseed gives! Will have to make sure I note some of these!

  11. Thank you for the tips. I never thought about putting a heavy Photo Filter of grey. I will keep that in mind next time. ^^

    Btw, for some reason, unless I use “tab” on my keyboard, I can’t select the next three fields of the comment section (Name, Email, Website). I tried posting a comment from my phone when I first read the post, but couldn’t do it. Is it a problem only on my side?

    • The Photo Filter of grey is something I do to every photo, including the ones I post in here :)

      You’re totally right!! I’ll try to fix it asap, how troublesome D:

      Thanks babe :) xx

  12. Abril Reply

    Que buenos tips , my cuenta de instagram es un desastre pero estoy tratando de mejorarla , gracias

    The color palette

  13. Such perfect tips, I especially love the homogeneity tip!! I always usually find it hard to find images that go together, but sticking to a colour palette helps tie everything together!! Thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

    • Sticking to a color palette is definitely the best way to create homogeneity! But sometimes if you have a piece of clothing or a background that clashes, desaturating or saturating is a quick fix :)
      Thank you, Millie! <3

  14. So many useful tips, Adriana. I just loved this post.