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  1. Great tips :) I buy loads from ebay, sometimes I bid a bit more on items I really love but I have got some great bargains too!

  2. Menudas gangas chica! que buenas compras!! :D
    Los consejos que das son muy buenos, yo la verdad es que no suelo comprar por ebay nada… pero porque nunca encuentro nada interesante! :P
    un besote!

  3. Really like the list of tips! It’s really hard to save money when there are so many beautiful pieces out there! But it’s time for me to save money too, I’m going to greece and festivals.. so that will cost me a lot!

  4. Wow, there are some really good tips in there. I’m so jealous of your eBay purchases! Esp that H&M corset.

    Style Soufflé

  5. Those are cool tips…
    I always feel happy to get the outfit that I want in a very low price…feels just like stealing, but not really illegal ♥

  6. Oh my! I would never think it’s possible to buy clothes for such low prices! You got me inspired to start shopping on eBay :)


  7. great post! i love to shop on ebay and these tips are definitely going to help


  8. I have become addicted to checking ebay ever since i got my Alexander McQueen scarf off of there. I’m always check to see what the latest going for certain things are. I haven’t really bought anything else yet off of ebay but I’m sure I will. Thank you for sharing your tips, def. will have to follow them :)


  9. Que post mas increible.., Yo la verdad es que me canso de buscar en ebay, siempre encontraba cosas feas muy caras y con envios imposibles.., voy a seguir tus tips a ver que encuentro.., auqnue incluso con Y!J siempre dije que tenías muchisima suerte y encontrabas gangas preciosas.., y con ebay no es diferente.., a ver si tengo suerte!!

  10. I have the same zara skirt and I paid full price at the store. Boo! And I really adore your chloe dress. Nice find!

  11. Although I never really buy anything from ebay, these are amazing tips!

    All the best, Angel

  12. siempre me habia preguntado como es comprar en ebay! Ahora lo voy a intentar! Bella, me encanta tu blog! Sigue asi! -Alexa