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  1. Interesante propuesta… me encanta lo inesperado de ella y que funcione a la perfección.

  2. Completely obsessed with this look! Keep it up! your style is ICONIC!
    With love from the Costa Rica Fashion blogger, Isabella from @angulo28blog

  3. Cómo te dije por Instagram: viva el layering, el juego que nos da y lo guapa que estás… y sobre todo, vivan los croissant (sobre todo si son en París, hahah) con o sin mermelada!
    Un abrazo bella Adriana!

  4. Oh wow, really loving this outfit babe! The styling and everything is on point! Thanks for sharing x

    Millie x

  5. Beautiful, thoughtful and individual look. I love your style, innovative ideas and creativity.


  6. So daring! I wish I had your confidence lol Love your styling <3

  7. Love it! So fresh and brave and different. Stylish and strong personality coming out of it. Really impressive.