How to: The Knot Dress

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Stradivarius grey jersey dress, Levi’s denim jacket, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Zara metallic bar loafers (similar here), Urban Fawn necklace, Jetset Candy bracelets


Taking advantage of the things we already have in our wardrobes isn’t the easiest task, especially when sale season has started and we feel tempted to buy more garments that we probably don’t even need at all.


Sacarle provecho a lo que ya tenemos en el armario no siempre es fácil, menos cuando la temporada de rebajas ya comenzó y te sientes tentada a comprar más cosas que muy en el fondo no necesitas. 


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Wanderlust + Co pearl rings, Zara pearl necklace (similar here), American Apparel Sandstorm nailpolish.

What if you could transform your everyday midi dresses into a different one without the need of cutting, sewing or glueing? The best of all is that it can be done in 2 minutes and the one tool you need is something we all have in our vanity desk. Nope, I’m not crazy neither I invented a complicated method, it’s actually simpler than you might think and a whole post could be unnecessary, but you know how I like to share these little things with you.


¿Y si pudieras transformar tu vestidos midi de todos los días en uno diferente sin necesidad de cortar, coser o pegar y con resultados reversibles? Lo mejor de todo es que se hace en 2 minutos y lo único que necesitas es algo que toda mujer tiene en su mesa de belleza. No, no estoy loca ni inventé nada demasiado complicado, en realidad es súper fácil que después de esto creerán que no hace falta tutorial, pero ya saben como me gusta compartirles pequeñas cositas.


in this photo – 
Motel Rocks burgundy strappy dress, Reiss Elliot leopard clutch, Guess Caracea mules



1. Take off your hair band or use any hair band you have on hand, it doesn’t matter its color but it has to have good elasticity.

Deshaz tu coleta, o toma otra goma para el cabello que tengas a mano, no importa el color pero debe tener muy buena elasticidad.

2. Wear your dress backwards. This will help you to make the knot exactly where you need it, you can make it anywhere you want to, on the center, to the side or even at the bottom, but I find it flattering at the side of the waist to accentuate it.

Usa tu vestido al revés. Esto te ayudará a hacer el nudo donde lo necesitas, puedes hacerlo donde gustes, en el centro, a un lado o incluso abajo, yo creo que es muy halagador al lado de la cintura para acentuarla.

3. Make a simple knot with the hairband, make sure it’s tight so the knot won’t come apart.

Haz un nudo sencillo con la liga, asegúrate que le das todas las vueltas posibles para evitar que el nudo se deshaga.

4. Take off the dress, turn it over and vualà!

Quítate el vestido, voltéalo y vualà!


Wearing: Motel Rocks burgundy strappy dress, Reiss Elliot leopard clutch, Guess Caracea mules, Karen Walker Number One sunglasses. Stradivarius grey jersey dress, Levi’s denim jacket, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Zara metallic bar loafers (similar here), Urban Fawn necklace, Jetset Candy bracelets.


You can do this to your spring/summer or autumn dresses, and even make it on the frontside like I did in this post. This is a super easy and obviously inexpensive way of giving an extra edge to your midi dresses and it’s reversible, meaning that once you’re done with wearing your knot dress you can undo it to wear it casually again. Puedes hacer esto con tus vestidos de primavera/verano y otoño, e incluso puedes hacerlo en la parte frontal como lo hice yo en este post. Esta es una forma muy fácil y obviamente súper barata de darle un toque extra a tus vestidos midi y es reversible, es decir, una vez que hayas terminado de usar el vestido con nudo puedes deshacerlo y usarlo casualmente de nuevo.


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  1. Wow! This is a good one! You can always improvise even for styles! Great tips.

  2. Ingrid Reply

    For a second I thought you had cut your hair! If you ever consider cutting it as short as it appears in the first picture, please do! It suits you :)

  3. I have a knot dress that I end up wearing at least once or twice a week because is a really easy go-to. Thanks for this idea, to refresh the closet, and my weekly wardrobe :P

  4. Gorgeous photos & I love this! Definitely going to try it!

  5. I will definitely be trying this out soon, thank you!

    Agnes x

  6. What a great idea! I need to try this!


  7. You are STUNNING! I especially love that red dress knotted like that!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. haha, good idea! :)

  9. Andi Reply

    Un tip muy ingenioso y se te ve súper padre el cabello en la primer foto, pensé que te lo habías cortado :P. Saludos desde México :)

  10. Great photos. I love those of these dresses.

  11. Woa! What great photos! I love your new idea to DIY a knot dress. I love it and i’m going to make a similar dress for myself. You girl look very beautiful and attractive in this uniqe outfit.

    Kisses from Khanh at Giày dr martens giá rẻ Ngoc Linh Store.

  12. buenísima idea… seguiré tu consejo.. besos!!!

  13. Nyk Reply

    Wiooouuuu so useful you read my mind! Saludos me encanta tu estilo!

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    new look on my blog,

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  17. Jenny Reply

    OMG! it looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it!

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  21. This is such a great idea, I’m definitely going to try this! Beautiful!!

  22. Grise Reply

    ¡Sencillo pero genial! Gracias por compartirnos el tip.

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  24. Such a great idea! Love this!

    xo Lauren

  25. Love knotting my dresses to make them look like a completely different dress. Great tips.

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    ooh this is such a great tip, thank you so much!

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  27. This is such an easy and cute DIY! It definitely switches up a look for sure! I’m feeling the call to buy some of those sale items but I’m trying to save.


  28. Que buen tip Adriana :) Siempre he hecho los nudos, pero por fuera jaja. Obviamente se ven mejor al revés. Besos guapa <3