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  1. Wow! This is a good one! You can always improvise even for styles! Great tips.

  2. Ingrid Reply

    For a second I thought you had cut your hair! If you ever consider cutting it as short as it appears in the first picture, please do! It suits you :)

  3. I have a knot dress that I end up wearing at least once or twice a week because is a really easy go-to. Thanks for this idea, to refresh the closet, and my weekly wardrobe :P

  4. Gorgeous photos & I love this! Definitely going to try it!
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  5. I will definitely be trying this out soon, thank you!

    Agnes x


  6. What a great idea! I need to try this!


  7. You are STUNNING! I especially love that red dress knotted like that!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. haha, good idea! :)

  9. Andi Reply

    Un tip muy ingenioso y se te ve súper padre el cabello en la primer foto, pensé que te lo habías cortado :P. Saludos desde México :)

  10. Great photos. I love those of these dresses.

  11. Woa! What great photos! I love your new idea to DIY a knot dress. I love it and i’m going to make a similar dress for myself. You girl look very beautiful and attractive in this uniqe outfit.

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  12. buenísima idea… seguiré tu consejo.. besos!!!

  13. Nyk Reply

    Wiooouuuu so useful you read my mind! Saludos me encanta tu estilo!

  14. Precioso detalle para el vestido, me encanta guapa
    new look on my blog,

  15. Your recommend is so great

  16. this is SO cool!! I would have never guessed this dress way DIY, it looks so so well done!!!

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  17. Jenny Reply

    OMG! it looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it!

  18. in love with the burgundy one! the knot makes such a cool detail!


  19. I LOVE this trick, fefinitely gonna try it!


  20. Love this DIY idea! And the styling + editing is on point too!

  21. This is such a great idea, I’m definitely going to try this! Beautiful!!

  22. Grise Reply

    ¡Sencillo pero genial! Gracias por compartirnos el tip.

  23. That’s a really cool idea! love it!

  24. Such a great idea! Love this!

    xo Lauren

  25. Love knotting my dresses to make them look like a completely different dress. Great tips.


  26. elza Reply

    ooh this is such a great tip, thank you so much!

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  27. This is such an easy and cute DIY! It definitely switches up a look for sure! I’m feeling the call to buy some of those sale items but I’m trying to save.


  28. Que buen tip Adriana :) Siempre he hecho los nudos, pero por fuera jaja. Obviamente se ven mejor al revés. Besos guapa <3