I tried to give you up, but I’m addicted


The perfect femme fatale for me is not the woman who is the most feminine, or the one who looks the most delicate, but the one who can transform herself like a chameleon, attracting both men and women, seducing everybody with a dress or a pantsuit. Beautiful, inteligent yet soft and spontaneous. A contradiction.
I know this outfit is not what I usually wear, but I wanted to try something different. Also, it was pretty cold that day.

Coat: Forever21
Pants: eBay
Shoe ring: Emily Temple cute
Crown ring: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: wholesale-dress.net
Booties: Causewaymall

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  1. I love this outfit specially the blue top and the leather pants. It fits you perfectly.

    Kiss Andie ;)

  2. Pues Yo creo que aquí queda bien claro lo que es una femme fatal; esos pantalones te quedan de muerte! <3
    Llevo buscando unos pantalones asi que me queden bien hace tiempo, no tengo suerte…

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  4. I’m from Portugal ans I have to say that I’m in love with your style!
    And you’re really gorgeous!


  5. Me enacanto este look! De mis favoritos tuyos! Me encanto el color de la blusa! x

  6. Beautiful combination! Love the coat and the shirt!

    Just Like a True Star

  7. Omg I have a pair of pants/leggings like that that I’m obsessed with but they are coming apart at the seams I wear them so much. I wish I could replace them but I can’t find them anywhere!

  8. That outfit is absolutely amazing!


  9. You look so beautiful…The outfit is amazing!I love the coat and your bag;):)

  10. la primera foto es pura perfección

  11. i lovr ur jacket and the blue and i love love ur red lipstick!

  12. mencanta como siempre!
    Saludos desde Colombia!


  13. It is such a beautiful outfit <3 I love the shade of blue, and the red lipstick goes oh-so perfectly!

    Lost in the Haze

  14. simple and gorgeous! i love it :]

  15. me encanta,Ese color de labios es preciosooo.Amo el toque de color que diste con la blusa:) xx

  16. pues no te queda nada mal! y te tengo que decir que tienes unos labios preciosos :D