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  1. Martha Reply

    Adri you look amazing in these pictures!!! So beautiful :)

  2. Perfect! As always, amazing blouse and hair style :)

  3. Amazing outfit! I fall in love with you when i see you in this style. The dark colours from head to toe are perfect and they make you be more attracted.

    Kisses from Lien,
    Lien’s Corner Fashion and Travel Blog

  4. Amazing look
    Love the colors!

    Happy christmas
    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  5. Love how you styled this outfit with the dark jewelry and dark lipstick!! I was actually just in Barcelona and I still can’t get the Caga Tio song out of my head!

    xo Lauren

  6. simplemente perfecta para la fiesta…. me encanta!!!!




  7. I feel that your outfits here in Barcelona look very different to the Mexican ones (of course the weather plays a role).
    However, I feel that you’ve changed your style. Personally I’m missing your old looks.
    The Sophie Hulme bag is very nice, I have it on my wishlist as well. Elegant ankle boots too!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    • Hello Stella! I also believe my style has changed, not only because of the weather but my lifestyle has changed a lot, before I was able to wear a lot of heels because we had a car, in Barcelona you have to walk a lot and my heels are definitely my second choice, unless I’m going for a super polished look. Hopefully you can still relate to some of my newer looks :) x happy holidays!

  8. Me ha encantado todo el outfit, especialmente los botines!

  9. Loving the variety of textures and colors!
    Agnes x


  10. sasa Reply

    The sequin top is beautiful:P

    Shall We Sasa

  11. Your makeup and hair are flawless! I love your outfit, it’s very elegant. xoxo

    Maë – http://www.blackhairblackdress.com