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I wanted to start this post by saying “new year, new lengths” but honestly it’s difficult for me to venture into new hairstyles, and that’s something the staff at Wapa’m know well.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your hairstylist’s extreme suggestions for your hair which was, actually, pretty hard to grow back? Do not get me wrong, having a hairstylist that motivates you to step out of your comfort zone is pretty cool, especially when they’re the experts and our level of knowledge is sometimes limited to the Cosmopolitan magazine we look through at the dentist, but It’s also important to have a professional that understands what you need, what looks good on you and how much are you willing to spend on every visit.

Quería empezar este post diciendo “nuevo año, nuevos largos” pero la verdad es que me cuesta mucho aventurar a nuevos estilos con mi cabellera, y es algo que en Wapa’m saben muy bien.

¿Alguna vez te has sentido abrumada con sugerencias extremas de tu estilista para tu cabello que (con mucho trabajo) te ha costado dejar crecer? No me malinterpreten, tener un peluquero que quiera sacarte de tu zona de comfort es genial, sobre todo porque ellos son los expertos y nuestro nivel de expertiz muchas veces se limita a la revista Cosmopolitan que hojeas en el dentista, pero también es importante tener a un profesional que entienda lo que necesitas, qué te luce bien y cuál es tu presupuesto.


in this look –
Zara burgundy leather jacket & scarf, Cuyana camel turtleneck, Bar III trousers, Guess menswear belt, Sigerson Morrison booties, 3.1 Phillip Lim neoprene clutch, Cluse watch.


Wapa’m in Barcelona has become my favorite chair to spoil myself, I’ve said good-bye to bitting my nails and getting worried every time I wanted a haircut. I also have stopped bringing photos as references and I limit myself to explain how much time I can and I want to invest in my hair every day, and they get it. With a diverse client portfolio, they cover a wide range of needs: from the person that has a visit every week, to the person that cuts its hair twice per year (that’s me).


Wapa’m en Barcelona se ha convertido en mi asiento favorito para dejarme mimar, he dicho adiós al preocuparme y morderme las uñas antes de ir con un estilista. Incluso, he dejado de llevar fotografías como referencias y me limito a explicar cuánto tiempo quiero y puedo pasar arreglando mi cabello al día, y ellos lo entienden bien. Con su portafolio de clientes, llevan un rango muy amplio de necesidades: desde quien hace una visita semanal, hasta quien se corta el cabello dos veces al año (como yo).


Hairstyle reference –
Long bob, shorter on the back and slightly layered. Soft highlights and balayage applied at the front and back with Aveda products.


Referencia de estilo –
Corte en bob largo, más corto por detrás y ligeramente acodado. Reflejos y balayage suave aplicado al frente y por detrás con productos Aveda.

If you have the opportunity to try the Aveda experience at Wapa’m don’t hesitate; have a ‘pretty woman’ moment with their welcome ritual, their tea with a touch of licorice and a tailor-made haircut by Marta Cid (she’s the best!). The hours at the salon will fly.


Si tienes la oportunidad de probar la experiencia Aveda de Wapa’m no dudes en hacerlo; déjate tener un momento ‘pretty woman’ con el ritual de bienvenida, el té natural con un toque de regaliz y un corte hecho a la medida por Marta Cid (¡ella es la mejor!). Las horas en la peluquería se pasarán volando.


TEL. 934 59 25 59


Wearing: Zara burgundy leather jacket & scarf, Cuyana camel turtleneck, Bar III trousers, Guess menswear belt, Sigerson Morrison booties, 3.1 Phillip Lim neoprene clutch, Cluse watch.


This post is not sponsored by Wapa’m or Aveda,
but I was invited to try out their service. 

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  1. Lia Reply


    In spite of beingso much older than you I reallyadmire your sense of style and you fewer better pjilosophy.. as I li ve in Barcelona like you, Could you be so kind to tellme how do you get the Cuyana clothes&accsories????

    Thanks for your kindness

    XXXXX Lia

    • Hello Lia,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I got the Cuyana clothes via their online shop after working with them on a sponsored post :)


  2. definitivamente te queda muy bien el bob!!!!


  3. It’s looking good! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  4. You are looking fantastic. Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair is a business card of every elegant woman. In addition, an original clothing. And it’s your status in my eyes. Really great!