Make-up’s a girl best friend (and food too)

I’ll admit it. I love make-up and make-up loves me ♥
I recently ran out of my favorite foundation from Everyday Minerals, but my skin got a little bit lighter and I actually wanted to try a new foundation. So I bought Revlon Colorstay after hearing all the rave about it. I’m not dissapointed at all! it cover soooo well (I have acne scars) and it lasts all day. The only thing that I didn’t like, and was actually my fault is that I bought a warm tone (pink base) instead of a cool one… so it does looks a little bit pink on my face, next time i’m going to buy Sand Beige :) I’m neither warm or cool, i’m neutral, but I personally think that yellow-based foundations work very well with every type of skin color and pink-based foundations make you look orange (if your skin is not that pink).
I also got Bobbi Brown’s Magohany eyeshadow, is the perfect brown-grey-neutral that I need to fill my eyebrows :) pigmentation is perfect and the texture as well. Couldn’t expect less from BB ♥
And finally, Clinique lipstick in Raspberry Glaze. I think this will look better on summer :) very wearable color… i’m still trying to find Chanel’s “Gabrielle” lipstick for less than the original price, wish me luck haha.
My usual breakfast.
I also have been eating awfully bad. Hamburger, hotdog, a packet of cookies and yesterday I had ice-cream and french fries. I need to stop NOW before I gain weight :( I know some bad food every now and then doesn’t hurt but I don’t feel really well eating that, my stomach hurts after a while. So, today I bought strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms, spinach and a lot of yogurt, bread and fish :)

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  1. Que rico desayuno, las fresas me encantan.
    Daniela y yo usamos por muchisimo tiempo la base de Revlon y estabamos enamoradas, pero despues de usarla por años a las dos nos causo sarpullido y claro que a mi me empeoro el acne.
    Solo una pequeña advertencia, si algun cambio se presenta en tu piel abstente de usarlo antes de que empeore!

    Amo tu blog <3!

  2. Me encantó el blog y esta entrada esta genial… porque a mi el maquillaje también me gusta mucho… soy adicta a chanel make up! Es todo tan lindo :D