Makeup looks and Anastasia Beverly Hills

Makeup is for me just as important as any accessory, I can’t live without it and never go out of my house without wearing it. It can transform any outfit, for example, a classy white and black outfit can  be transformed by simply adding a bright red or pink lipstick, maybe nails too.
I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted by Pigments & Palettes and received three Anastasia Beverly Hills products, they’re since that day in my daily make-up routine and I find them perfect for Spring/Summer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills HydraFull gloss in Barely, Illumin8 Eyeshadow palette in Carnival,
Illumin8 Bronzer in Sun Kissed.
If you want a simple, small yet versatile palette for this season get one with neutrals tones and a pair of bright, almost acid colors. You’ll be able to achieve a smokey eye, bright colored eyeshadow or natural with a touch of shimmer and glow.
Especially because of my face structure (very round and baby faced) I cannot live without bronzer to contour my cheekbones. The benefit from this bronzer is the Youthful Synergy Complex which improves your skin with daily use. What is better than wearing makeup and getting brighter and smoother skin everyday?
Bronzer is one of those “magical” makeup items you can use to obtain a natural healthy glow and define the structure of your face, make it slimmer, wider or longer. I cannot live without it! specially when I wear a bright lipstick, sometimes adding blush is too much but bronzer is always perfect for any look you want to achieve.

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  1. tus uñas están padrísimas! me encantaría poder conectarnos a tráves de GFC!!!

    Miles de besos, estás guapísima!!!

  2. stunning glasses!

  3. YO últimamente no me maquillo nada… salgo de casa sin tiempo! :s
    Las gafas son geniales, me recuerdan a las de prada!
    Un besigo guapa!! :D

  4. Que gafas más bonitas !!! Llevas uñas de gel ? Que tal te van? Muchas amigas mías se las están poniendo ahora y me están entrando ganas lo que pasa es que tengo las uñas super debiles y me da miedo que se me rompan cuando me canse y me las quite X3

  5. oh you have so smooth skin! i wish my skin was also that smooth too. nd i love your blog and your style :)

  6. Que afortunada haber ganado productos tan geniales! Y que encima te sientan genial! Me gusta especialmente como pintas tus labios, es una obra de arte!

    Yo no soy muy amiga de las sombras, pero mas que nada porque realmente no se aplicarlas, jajaja!

  7. A mi me encanta como te maquillas 8D los colores que usas y todo awwww yo namás no puedo XD

  8. and you look Fantastic!!!!!!!!♥ you are a real beauty!!!

  9. I really love your eyebrows, it’s always a challenge for me to get my eyebrows a bit proper when i use the eyebrow pencil. Love this peachy colour lipstick by the way!! :)

  10. your complexion is so flawless!!! *envy* i don’t dare to wear red lipstick as it makes my mouth looks very big! thus i admire gals (that includes YOU) that look good with red lips.

    i used to wear very colourful eye makeup a few years back when i was all crazy about collecting makeup. but now i only stick to neutrals… think maybe bcos i am older now & becoming less & less adventurous with makeup. hahaha!

    your makeup is always so meticulously beautiful! ♥