May’s wishlist

Romwe rolled hem shorts
Canon EOS Rebel T3 body
Reecn floral top
(I wanted a floral jacket, but it’s too hot for that)
Forever21 pastel yellow jeans

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  1. Yo de todo lo que mas me gustaría es la camara, jajaja! Pero los pantalones me encantan, ayer casi me compro unos amarillos en Zara, pero al final me quedé con los menta, pero tengo que volver a cambiarlos porque cuando llegué a casa y me los probé me di cuenta que estaban rotos D:

  2. I love those yellow pants. Hope you get everything on your wishlist.

  3. those carpet-inspired florals look great on some frames, with curves and my height though, they are too daunting….

  4. love your choice! xx

  5. i like those pants you put on your wish list :)

  6. Great choices, love the floral blouse :)

    – Malena

  7. great outfit ;)

    what about following each other?

  8. Love the pastel pants! I just recently got a Canon Rebel and I LOVE it.


  9. Nice choice, love everything.
    I want the floral shirt !

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  10. I like the outfit you built here it’s gorgeous ! this camera must cost a lot !



    Elegantesque Blog

  11. I like the blouse! I ordered a similar one yesterday. Hope you´ll get these beatyful pieces!


  12. Love this, I really want the top