Men still think we dress for them.

Woman have the opportunity to have a bigger closets most of the time because of one single reason: we have many type of clothes made for us. From shorts to skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, socks, bustiers, blazers, jackets, suits, cardigans, etc. we can enjoy the variety of pieces designers make for us each season.
But what about feeling good with youself and wearing all that? if you have enough confidence to wear a short skirt because you know your legs are irresistible, good for you! but what if you’re not? I think I’m not mistaken by saying that most women aren’t secure enough of their looks most of the time.

What happens when, aside from the lack of confidence, guys talk about our style or the way we like to dress? Last week I was checking style/trends articles, and I came with one in particular that I think it’s ridiculous. They asked guys if “X” women’s trend is good or not, and long skirts and floppy hats came to the talk.

Save your midi skirts for the office. Guys wanna see those legs, and this skirt just isn’t doing it for them this season. What will? A short skirt or a pair of Daisy Dukes. Shocker, we know.
Hate it (floppy hats), what the hell are you covering??? Just wear shades and grab a brush. There are really only 2 places where this hat works: 1) at the beach and 2) at a horse race.
Floppy hats can be nice, but you should probably think twice before rocking one.
….wait, what?

Wearing a long skirt and hiding our legs doesn’t make us less sexy or provocative as we can be with the tiniest pair of shorts or the biggest floppy hat. So what’s the problem? men are still thinking we dress for them, not for us!

Being sexy, provocative, thin, curvy or showing too much skin doesn’t make you a woman. The way you think, the way you present yourself to the world and the things you do that’s what makes you a true woman, and no man or any other person should limit the way YOU want to dress, speak, feel or love. 
So, I’m sorry guys, I’m going to wear my long skirts whenever I want just like I’m going to use my tiny pair of shorts whenever I want, and because I’m showing skin it doesn’t mean I need your “approval” to be sexy, it means I feel confident with myself.

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  1. Ese conjunto se te ve precioso, me encanta!!

    Y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dices, nada me hace mas feliz que vestirme como me siento por dentro, jamás dejaría que una critica y encima viniendo de un hombre me hiciera cambiar de opinión, porque en todo caso si quisiera vestir para un hombre lo haría para mi marido, y no para gustar a otros por la calle, que mas me da.. xDD

  2. Me encantó lo que escribiste. Los hombres deberían dejar de tratar de decirnos como vestir!

    Las fotos que pusiste me gustaron mucho n.n

  3. Good post! I find it amusing when my guy friends poke fun at what I’m wearing, when really, I wear what I want to because it makes me happy.

    I think, in the end, it’s going to be about self confidence and knowing what makes you feel comfortable in yourself. Because there will always be people out there who disapprove of your choices, sartorial or not.

  4. [A guy appeared and commented!]

    Very well said! But,the thing is with the proof you showed with the survey,who knows what kind of guys actually voted/got surveyed on it? They might have asked the common of the commonest men. You never know. NOT every guy would be saying that sort of thing.

    One more thing,this post kind of sounds abit traditional doesn’t it? I don’t hear those kind of issues anymore or EVEN once

  5. Who cares what men think. Been listening to their opinion since the dawn of time and quite frankly, I don’t give two craps. How about you save that nasty hair all over the place, and dress to impress ME! whoosh, now that I go that out of my system…. :) I absolutely agree with you!!

  6. Such a great post, honey! A woman is beautiful and sexy only when she is confident in herself. It doesn’t matter how short your skirt is or how much skin you show. And all those “how to’s” to be sexy, etc. are just comical.

    “Lolita” has always been one of my favorite reads…

  7. Very well said, we should dress what makes us feel good, relying too much on men’s opinion may just let us lose ourselves.

    BTW: those two photos are gorgeous :)

  8. Totally agree! I dress for myself and only then for men! :) Thumbs up for loving ourselves!

  9. So true! you shouldn’t dress for others you should dress for yourself your the one wearing it. I know I wear what I want.


  10. This is a totally cute outfit and I agree with everything you’re saying. I wear what I want, when I want, for me and nobody else.