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  1. Awesome pictures, Adriana! And very cool tips for motivation! =)



  2. Love your gym outfit!! Haha that’s ok!

  3. Me ha gustado mucho tu post : ) Me siento muy identificada: yo tampoco considero ir al gimnasio o entrenar como mi parte favorita del día, aunque reconozco que uno debe hacer el esfuerzo y tener un estilo de vida activo para estar sano. Por suerte hay alternativas, no todo tiene que ser gimnasio o salir a correr, por suerte bailar salsa también quema muchas calorías! ; )
    Muchos saludos,

  4. This workout set is so cute and seriously motivating. We love it almost enough to want to wake up earlier than we already do here at HQ! Thanks for sharing,

    The Newsette

  5. Wow!! You look super fit and your body looks amazing. And yeah, we need to keep our health nowadays because illness could come to.us whenever.

  6. Las fotos me encantan… el outfit también se ve súper cómodo y muy chic. Me encanta que eres sincera en tu post. tener el hábito de ejercitarse cada día es difícil y definitivamente lo tienes qua hacer por que te gusta, como todo en la vida.


  7. I love the pictures ! It’s been difficult for me to go to the gym recently (and more generally it started about two years ago), but what you’re saying is true, and I have to find motivation before going !


  8. Very cool post! And it’s so true: If you find something you like, you’ll be much more likely to stick to it than when you’re pressuring yourself!

  9. Loved this!!!! I for one hate exercising but want to also stay healthy and fit at the same time. I will be taking your advise on board and see how I go <3 thanks so much for the motivation boost that I desperately needed – it's also getting super cold in Oz (Canberra) so exercising is generally the last thing on my mind other than being snugged under a blanket <3 Thank you.

    • I’m the same, Michaela! When it’s cold I don’t like exercising at all! I recommend you to exercise indoors, whether you go to the gym or stay at home and do some pilates or a small work out, it’s hard to step out of the blanket but after exercising you will feel all warm (and healthy) inside :3

      Thank you for commenting!!

  10. Jennifer Green Reply

    Great advices! Nobody is perfect, and that’s perfectly fine. Of course being healthy is important, but we don’t need to go overboard to fix all of our “flaws”. Btw, you look beautiful as always! :)

    – Jennifer http://bohobags.com

  11. I love how honest you are about your work out routine. I’m an all or nothing type of gal when it comes to working out and right now I’m at the nothing stage of life. I need to go work out again because honestly it makes me feel like a badass! x


  12. Me encanta que seas real sobre tu rutina y sobre todo con tu cuerpo :) –