New Year Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful night with your family and loved ones. I had a quiet yet happy night with my boyfriend :) we ate way too much!

Do you plan new year resolutions? I find them increible helpful to reach my goals, especially in June/July when I read my resolutions again and remembered what I wanted to do hahaha. But really, they make me feel like I’m growing up and being a better person each year.
I want to…
Travel a lot. Maybe a national student exchange, summer vacations, anything would be great!
Find a job. Because I already finished with my social service and internship, I’ll be looking for a job :)
Save money. If I want to travel I need to save a lot of money.
Lose weight. Not a lot, I gained a few pounds because of the holidays. I would like slimmer legs too, but I need to change my genetics for that.
Go physical shopping. I’m getting used to buy everything online, and sometimes when I received the pieces they don’t fit like they should. I’ll try to go to the actual store and try it on.
Graduate. My most important resolution for this year. I can’t believe I’m already having my Graphic Design degree!
And of course, I want to keep with the blog going on! I’m so excited about 2012!

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  1. I have a few : Always finish what I start ahah; Graduate from my first grade in MBA; Speak fluently spanish (i love telenovelas lol); Improve my italian and of course travel a lot with my friends. Good luck with yours.

    Kiss Andie ;)

  2. That picture has charm to it even if its just cheesecake and coffee lol. I agree about the resolutions. I know it’s silly but they help me organize my life a bit once the new year starts!


  3. Feliz año nuevo, hermosa! Espero que puedas cumplir todos esos propositos, yo no soy de plantearme nada, pero este año voy a cambiar la rutina y me he propuesto dos cosas, espero poder cumplrlas!

  4. Happy New year, honey!!!


  5. Me encanto tu blog! Suerte con todo este anio nuevo :)

  6. Good luck with your New Years Resolutions!!! Wishing you nothing but the best in 2012!

  7. Love your resolutions. May all your wishes come true! xx Iris

  8. Feliz año nuevo! espero ver muchos looks este año y inspirarme más de tu gusto por la moda! :)

  9. Parece ayer que te conocí y ya te vas a graduar!! me da muchísimo gusto,pero a la vez algo de nostalgia.

    Que el éxito siempre esté a tu alrededor. :)

  10. También me graduo este año e inicio el internado, que miedo :S Espero tener un buen hospital como base y echarle ganillas estudiando :) Jaja, no tengo idea de cuánto he subido, pero con todo lo que he comido, seguro es algo :S Así que a partir de mañana, dieta :P

  11. thats a nice list!! i hope you accomplish em all! Happy new year!

  12. Such a lovely New Year’s resolution list! You are so silly though to think you need to lose weight…you’re perfect and beautiful the way you are! ❤