Obsessed with Steve Madden Grettta Shoes

I remember when I hardly worn heels. I felt insecure about my height (which is, for mexican standars, a high stature) so I was stuck at flats and kitten heels for a while. Later I learned that heels make your legs look longer and thinner; I also started to feel more confident about my height and be grateful that I can wear maxi skirts without looking short.
My current obssession are the Steve Madden Grettta platforms, I read many people in the fashion industry are wearing them and I don’t doubt it, they’re absolutely fantastic and versatile. I can’t believe they never caught my attention! because now I can’t find a pair in my size. I guess I’ll hunting them on eBay and stores…


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  1. So wanna buy them but I only find big sizes

  2. Those shoes are just amazing every time that I see someone wearing them “I DIE” (like Rachel Zoe would say lol).

    Kisses Andie ;)

  3. ive got a pair!!! they’re surprising quite comfy! went clubbing and no sore feet! :)

    xoxo jenna

  4. I’m absolutely in love with this heels!! x anna-lena

  5. sooo cute! now im thinking of buying them too haha


  6. Que bien que pudiste superar el trauma con tu altura, ya que los tacones se te ven geniales *o*

    Esos me encantaron, incluso me animaría a usarlos… aunque terminaría en el suelo a los 5 minutos XD

  7. Guapa!! Sabes quee?? yo tambien llevo enamorada de estos zapatos desde hace MUCHO! pero se me salen del presupuesto y no las puedo comprar…. que pena porque son mis favoritos!!

  8. woow.. i like it too. wish i have one.

  9. woooo! i would love to have a pair of heels like this too. i’m the opposite, i always feel insecure about my lack of height even though i’m not very short in asian standard. i wish i am another 3 inches taller! hahaha!

    btw, replying to your query on traditional chinese restaurants. chinese eats almost everything thus u definitely can find chicken & vegetables in their menu :D and most dim dum dumplings fillings are made from pork, prawns and vegetables. usually they will indicate in their menu what’s in the dumplings hence no worry babe. hope u’ll like chinese food :) xoxo

  10. they really look comfortable! and are so beautiful! : ) glad I am here : ))

    have a nice day or night or anything!: )

  11. La verdad es que son preciosos, tienen una estetica “timeless” que me ecanta, y se ven tan comodos, a parte la correa al tobillo es tan sexy!

  12. ahh yo también se los vi a una sra en el mall y me enamoré de ellos n_n

  13. Very cute shoes! I’m also tall by Asian standards, and shared the same complex for awhile! But now I just wear heels whenever I want. I always tell others that it’s not because I’m tall, it’s because they’re just short! ;)

  14. La verdad no soy mucho de zapatilla alta soy mas rollo botas wedge porque no siento que me veo ridicula con tacones muy altos por que no puedo caminar pero estos estan increibles! ademas se ve que son muy comodos.

  15. gorgeous steve madden!!! btw I was also concern about my height. afraid to wear heels and stucked in flats only. But then I realize that I should be grateful with it! So now I’m a big fan of heels! :D


  16. wow.. awesome… luv wit it..:)

  17. pure perfection!

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  18. awesome shoes..i wanna have one too..nice post!

  19. If you find a pair, send some my way – I want them now too!!!

  20. :) siempre serás mas chaparra que yo con tacones, así que úsalos cuando quieras jajaja y si te vas a comprar esos zapatos… dime que yo también quiero unos… :P

  21. Se parecen un poco a unos que yo compré pero los míos son un poco más informales

  22. Yo tengo un par de los SM pero la verdad no suelo usarlos mucho porque pesaaaan :'( aún así son muy bellos

  23. como amo a steve madden