One more week.

In Forever 21 buying a boyfriend jacket, weather is getting really hot, it feels like june. 
Life’s been boring lately.
Navy tank top from Zara, pleated skirt from Mango, belt from LOB, bag from, sunglasses from Shasa and sandals from New York Transit.

My favorite things right now:
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
Retro sunglasses
Red lips

First Vintage International Edition, March 1989 (my birthday!)

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  1. Me muero por saber que usaste en tu cumpleaños :)

  2. Beautiful outfit, very nice photos! I bought a Lolita book recently as well! :)

    Love your blog!

  3. por fin lo conseguí! 2 años solo cortándome las puntas :) era hora que diera resultado

  4. Nice photos !!! and outfit !!!


  5. You look lovely! Lolita is one of my all time favourite reads :) x Sushi

  6. Hi girl! You look very cute! :)
    I so wish we had such warm weather here! It’s chilly and windy over here today :(