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  1. what a beautiful post babe, im so fascinated by scandinavia, and norway is the only country up there i am yet to explore, this post made me wanna get over!

  2. Claudia Zamirano Reply

    Impactada 😍

  3. This country is worth exploring! Thanks for your tips! Your outfits are also perfect!
    Anh || ontrend

  4. 20 hours of sunlight or the opposite, cool summers…sounds like the complete opposite of my tropical country! I think you just shone a very bright spotlight right on Oslo – no, not just the city, but Norway, too. It never crossed my mind to visit Norway but seeing this post (and your Instagram) definitely created a string of “maybe-one-day” dreams in my head! Not that I’ll be visiting Europe anytime soon (unfortunately, but how I wishhh though) but, well, who knows…maybe one day, indeed?

    PS: Impeccable outfits as always, Adriana <3 Also I realise now I REALLY need to pay closer attention to the earrings in Mango, the ones you have on here are quirky and just gorgeous.

    • It’s definitely the completely opposite from tropical countries like my Mexico :) but it’s also a extremely beautiful country filled with landscapes and nature you won’t be able to ignore. Life is very different in Europe but I believe you can learn so much about it and its people :) Thank you so much for commenting, babe! Always love reading you. xx

  5. Great post. Norway was unlikely to be planning the next trip, but after your story came the idea of going out there. Maybe we will be going there in the near future.
    You have chosen great styling that was very suited to the climate in Norway. I invite you to Krakow in Poland, it is also very interesting and beautiful city.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I really enjoy your work! The whole post reminds me of a feature in a magazine. You do such a wonderful job with everything :)

    Adrianna xx | http://mimamochi.com/

  7. Absolutely stunning post, the photos and outfits are gorgeous!

  8. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Simply a beautiful comfy look in such a peaceful beautiful environment! Simply fabulous! :)

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