Our poor feet.


Beauty fashion is unconventional. In every woman’s life there is the situation of going out with our newest, taller and killer high heels to dance, to a party or just because we want to. We know what is going to happen after a few hours, we know our feet are going to hurt like hell very soon, yet we still do it. We still stop at every window store looking at high-heels deciding which one we should buy next time, even if we have realized we aren’t going to use them that often (as a friend said, a woman can never have enough bags and shoes).

The reason is simple: we’re short, our legs are short, we like them, we like the sound of the heels while we walk, we feel prettier, we want a heels collection, we need them in all colors, we need a pair for winter, another for summer and an intermediate one too, we want to have them in different textures, we have a fetish with shoes.

From the simpliest reason to the most extreme one, we can’t deny high-heels are never going to be out of trend so it’s a good investment (well, that’s what I like to say to my boyfriend even if he doesn’t ask). Take care of your feet with cream, exfoliation and adhesive bandages. And let’s thank fashion for wedges, flats and sandals :)

Also, after reading about this woman who owns more than 1,200 pairs of shoes (700 of them are Louboutin) I cannot feel bad about spending on shoes!

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  1. Oh, yeah, I so love high heels! :)
    The last time I bought the closed shoes, my dad asked me: “And higher heels was not?” :D

  2. great post, i just love shoes! never get enough of them!

    Travel in Style

  3. Yo creo que has descrito a muchas de nosotras, pero juro que pensé que era la única que sufría con los tacones; siempre me salen ampollas y los zapatos cerrados me matan.., y a pesar de eso sigo queriendo comprarme mas y tener una gran colección.

  4. I do like my shoes, bags and belts!! You can never go wrong buying them.. Always come in handy. I always wear high shoes and I think my feet have taken to the pain over the past few years :)


  5. well thank God I’m not a woman, so that I don’t have to spend my money to buy those gorgeous louboutin heels. lol


  6. Man, I wish I had 1,200 pairs of shoes but in the mean time I will just lust after the ones on your feet! SO NICE!