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I’M WEARING/ESTOY USANDO: Topshop embroidered bomber jacket (similar here), Zara blush knit sweater (similar here), MotelRocks zipper pencil skirt (similar here), Giuseppe Zanotti animal print sandals, Proenza Schouler PS11 classic, Céline Audrey sunglasses

While it’s true that not everything that’s fashionable is functional, one of the most underestimated trends -in my opinion- is the jacket over the shoulders. People who are not into fashion like to mock about it, they point at us like individuals incapable of inserting our arms into a jacket and reclaim us the power of a cape because its function is the same, however, for me the jacket over the shoulders it’s one of the most functional styling details you can use, especially now that’s Spring.

I don’t know about you, but here the spring weather is quite extreme as the afternoons are very hot yet the nights can be extremely cold, not to mention the occasions that you go from exterior temperature to an interior with air conditioning, that’s when you overlapped jacket is extremely functional. Who wants to carry a jacket all day? I don’t dare to imagine myself folding the jacket to carry it in my bag, because it doesn’t even fit. The jacket over the shoulders can be used on any season, even on winter with a coat-over-coat and it never looks ugly, that’s something a cape cannot achieve.

So you can call me ridiculous if you want, but for me this trend, besides from it’s functionality, has a very romantic feeling and a visual styling that cannot be compared with any other garment.


Si bien es cierto que no todo lo que se pone de moda resulta funcional, una de las tendencias más subestimadas -en mi opinión- es la de usar chaquetas por encima de los hombros. La gente que se encuentra fuera de la moda se burla de ello, nos señalan como individuos incapaces de colocar los brazos dentro de una chaqueta y nos reclaman el poder de una capa cuya función es la misma, sin embargo, para mí es uno de los estilismos más funcionales de todos, especialmente ahora que estamos en primavera.

No sé cómo sea donde viven ustedes, pero acá el clima primaveral es algo extremo porque las tardes pueden ser muy calurosas y las noches verdaderamente frías, sin contar las ocasiones en las que pasas de la temperatura exterior a un interior con aire acondicionado, es ahí cuando la chaqueta encimada en los hombros resulta sumamente funcional. ¿Quién quiere cargar una chaqueta en la mano todo el día? ni loca me imagino doblándola en mi bolso porque ni siquiera cabe. La chaqueta sobre los hombros puede ser usada en cualquier estación del año, incluso en invierno con un abrigo-sobre-abrigo y nunca luce mal, eso es algo que una capa no puede lograr.

Así que me pueden llamar ridícula si gustan, pero para mí la chaqueta sobre los hombros, además de resultar funcional, da una sensación muy romántica y un estilismo visual incomparable con ninguna otra prenda. 

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  1. leticia Reply

    tú fuiste la primeroa a quien le vi este estilo en la red, la chaqueta sobre tus hombros es tu sello, y sientete orgullosa de que hay algunas bloggers que ya te lo copiaron

    • Muchas gracias Leticia! en realidad yo me inspiré en revistas y otras celebridades para usar la chaqueta así, pero qué bonito que sientas que es mi sello <3 un beso.

  2. Your lips are sexy and gorgeous although I am sure that you’d received this compliment before.And, following you!

    -Joua, http://jouatotherescue.blogspot.com/

  3. i totally agree with what you said!
    i always used to think that it was alittle funny for people to wear their jacket on their shoulders
    until i tried it myself and i was like “oohhhhh” it all made sense in that moment ahha
    but i really like your jacket !specially the leather skirt !

  4. Vanessa Reply

    I do love the over the shoulders jacket. I can totally relate to the funky weather Texas is very bipolar so we can go from hot to extreme cold or rain all in one day!

    xo, Vanessa (Delightful Sunflower)

  5. Leta Reply

    I like your jacket structure and a necklace!

    I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog http://letucc.blogspot.de/ Great and big things are coming!

  6. Estas increible ,esa chaqueta te queda perfecta,mil besos.

  7. Beautiful! I adore your necklace and shoes! And true, many people don’t get why we wear our jackets like that sometimes ^^

    x Aurélie

  8. I like jacket over the shoulders styling too :D I’ve wore my denim jacket out like this for a few times and I think it looks really stylish :D
    I love your jacket here, and the knit sweater too! The colours look so harmonious together :)


  9. The jacket-over-shoulders trend is one of my favorites. I actually wore my jackets like this even before it was considered a trend because it made me feel rich for some reason (do you remember old movies when they wore their sweaters over their shoulders with the sleeves wrapped around their neck? Well I liked doing it with jackets.)

    P.S. Love, love, love your outfit here. I also think that this hair length is so perfect on you ^^

  10. Very elegant look, those sandals are perfect! =D
    Have an excellent weekend!