The Pink Coat



Because with every year we do our best to improve as persons, turn the page of our fears and washing off the prejudices we grew with, I want to start the year changing the perception that Lolita’s fashion left me of the color pink during my teens, so I can transform it into the ultra-feminine, ultra-chic and ultra-easy to wear color that it is. I used to run away from any pink shade, now I look like a painting by wearing the same Lavish Alice coat everyday. Do you have any new year resolution regarding your wardrobe?


Porque con cada año intentamos mejorar como personas, darle vuelta a la página de nuestros miedos y quitarnos los prejuicios con los que a veces crecemos, quiero iniciar el año cambiando la percepción del color rosa que la moda Lolita dejó en mí desde la adolescencia para así, transformarlo en un color ultra-femenino, ultra-chic y ultra-fácil de combinar. Antes huía de cualquier tono rosado, ahora parezco una pintura usando el mismo abrigo rosa de Lavish Alice todos los días. ¿Tienes un propósito de año nuevo relacionado con tu guardarropa?

in this photo –
Lavish Alice pink coat, Cuyana camel turtleneck, Shein frayed jeans, Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun bag, Cluse La Vedette watch




Wearing: Lavish Alice pink coat, Cuyana camel turtleneck, Shein frayed jeans, Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun bag,
Dropp granny pumps (similar here & here), Cluse La Vedette watch


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  1. Lorna Reply

    Hi! I know this post is older, but I love your Mini Mini Sun bag! Do you know what colour it is? It’s stunning!

  2. Nesrin Reply

    What a beautiful coat. Looks so good!~


  3. Fantastic outfit. You are looking great in powder pink.
    In Poland we have -20 degrees Celsius so with this inspiration I must waiting to warmer days.

  4. I have the exactly some problem which khaki, but i could not be over it yet. One day, maybe not this year, i’ll wear khaki.
    Anyway, i love pink shades and this coat is truly amazing.
    Have a nice day dear.

    • Hey Catarine, I think khaki looks great with your skin tone and hair, so definitely try it with blacks and deep greys, I bet it will look absolutely stunning :) xx

  5. Me encanta como planteas tus post, bella Adriana. No solo eres una chica guapísima que viste de maravillas y tiene un gusto exquisito, si no que tambien escribes invitando a ser diferentes, a arriesgar…
    Espero que este año cumplas todas las metas que te propongas! Ya partes con buen pie dándole una oportunidad al rosa, que por cierto, te sienta de MA RA VI LLAS!

    • Y a ti muchísimas gracias por siempre leerme, Paz! La verdad es que me costó mucho encontrar el rosa perfecto, este tira un poco a coral que sienta mejor con mi piel amarilla jaja, pero hay otros que son muy azulados y quedan perfectos en tonos de piel como el tuyo <3 un besazo! x

  6. Pues si que me sorprendes usando el color rosa!!! te queda muy bien y sí, estoy de acuerdo que es muy combinable.

    Besos nenis!!


  7. I probably just want to look more put-together this year, but still maintaining the fun vibes. Quite the difficult balance to achieve, I think, but I’d like to believe that I’m off to a great start!

    Funnily enough, pink is a ‘grey area’ for me: I’m always attracted to deep fuchsias but I’ve never liked bubblegum pinks, but I have to say though, I’m really on board with the emerging trend of blush hues, like the colour of your coat here which is really pretty! It looks like it could brighten up even the coldest, gloomiest day.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your 2017 wardrobe, Adriana!

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    • Hey Liyana, thanks for sharing with us your wardrobe resolutions! I totally get what you mean and I also try to innovate while trying to look classy at the same time. If you want a tip, I believe accessories are one of the keys to achieve this, you can easily put together a simple outfit with blazer and jeans but some cool earrings, bags or shoes make a whole difference. Also, textures work well too, incorporating leather, lace or suede into work-wear is always a big yes!

      Thanks for your comment, and I must say I just visited your blog and loved your work!


      • I’m a bag / shoe person myself, so I am definitely loving your tip. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to incorporate leather and suede into my outfits, due to me living in hot and humid Malaysia and all.
        Not impossible, but just a tad harder (but still totally doable!).

        By the way, =D =D =D THANK YOU for having a look at my blog and for the compliment! I look up to you and the work you’ve done here in Fake Leather so the last three words in your reply mean a lot to me – especially since they came from you. XO

  8. I’m in love with both your jeans and coat. Great look!

    / O.R.R. – Life & Style Journal

  9. This coat is absolutely amazing! I love it x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  10. I completely agree with you lol I used to hate pink bc I thought it was so girly but I’ve been starting off slowly with soft pastel pinks, so we shall see how it goes ☺️. And of course your outfit is super on point!

    • Next time I’ll match the pink with black and greys so it looks less feminine ;D blushes are definitely a great way to start incorporating pastels. xx