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Wearing: Sheinside militar green jacket, Stradivarius leather jacket (similar here), Sheinside grey knit, iClothing indigo skinny jeans (similar here & here), Coach Samie heels (similar here), Zara snack paperbag clutch (similar here), Wanderluster necklace, Rue Gembon infinity necklace


Having a personal style blog and showing you two or three outfits per week seems like a piece of cake. When I started the blog I thought it was going to be as easy as wearing whatever I felt like and that’s it, sometimes it is and we’ve been able to achieve completely spontaneous posts that have become our favorite, but after 5 years and 711 posts (and let’s say around 85% are outfits) ideas start to be limited and I need to recycle ideas.

In all probability we all have our ‘safe looks’ to go to work, a night out or staying at home that we repeat endless times because they make our life so much simpler, but what I really like to do is to create formulas that guarantee me that, no matter how many garments I’m repeating from the previous day, my outfit will never look the same. Lately my chosen combination has been to layer two spring/autumn jackets (which I already showed you on another post), an idea that’s easy to recreate and recycle when your wardrobe comes in unified colors.

Tener un blog de estilo personal y mostrarles dos o tres atuendos por semana parece ser pan comido. Cuando recién comencé con el blog pensé que sería tan fácil como ponerme lo que se me antojara ese día y ya está, en muchas ocasiones así ha sido y hemos podido lograr publicaciones totalmente espontáneas que son de mis favoritas, pero después de 5 años y 711 posts (de los cuales digamos que el 85% son atuendos) las ideas comienzan a ser limitadas y necesito recurrir a reciclar ideas.

Sin duda todas tenemos nuestros ‘looks seguros’ para ir a trabajar, salir de noche o estar en casa que repetimos un sin fin de veces porque nos hacen la vida mucho más simple, pero lo que a mí me gusta es crear fórmulas que aseguren que, sin importar cuántas prendas esté repitiendo del día anterior, nunca termine luciendo igual. Últimamente mi combinación predilecta es el encimar dos chaquetas de entretiempo (que ya les había mostrado en otro post), una idea que es fácil de recrear y reciclar cuando tienes un guardarropa en colores unificados.


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  1. Siegfried Palmers Reply

    love these jeans on you…miss great fashion Fridays

  2. Looks very nice! You look fabulous, as always.

  3. Absolutely amazing dress , I love it. Great outfit , good combination as well. you look stunning. Marvelous!!!

  4. Eleonora Reply

    You always seems to find fabulous things on sheinside but everything I order from this website does not look in real life. Do you have any tips for shopping there please ?

    • Hi Eleonora, it is true that some things don’t arrive as you expect them or look different from the photo, so when ordering I always try to read the feedback or look for photos from customers who bought the item I want, it’s a win-lose game but I have found beautiful and well made garments from Sheinside with time and patience ;) cheers, x.

  5. Wow you’ve come a long way! 711 posts in 5 years is absolutely amazing, congratulations!

  6. amazing photos!love this loo

  7. You look stunning, I love the courts! :)

  8. I’m sure you get this a lot but you remind me so much of Selena Gomez!

    Danika Maia

  9. Me gusta mucho tu manera de superponer las prendas, a mí es algo que no me resulta nada facil y cuando lo hago nunca quedo satisfecha. Un saludo

    • Hola Carmen :) pues tal vez es cosa de probar con otras chaquetas, la más ligera y larga debe ir por fuera y siempre funciona muy, muy bien. Saludos! x

  10. Me encanta <3 Me encantaría intentar eso de dos chaquetas, sin embargo donde vivo hace mucho calor y es imposible :(

  11. Absolutely love the double-coat idea <3

  12. I love the combo of the two jackets together! Nice outfit!

    Maë from

  13. Loving this, such a great mix of colours! I love the clutch too, the roll top is fab!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  14. me encanta el look, sencillo pero elegante

  15. Love the way you do your layering and cool outfit.

  16. I love the concept of layering multiple jackets, I need to try this, it looks great!

  17. Si ser Blogger no es fácil :( pero bueno como decís a reciclar ideas.

  18. Amazing outfit!!! You look gorgeous!

  19. I have the same Zara bag! This has made me want to get it out and use it again :)

  20. Lovely coat and bag!!
    || D I A N A ||

  21. The look is stunning and you nailed the recycling philosophy which I completely believe in as well!

  22. Love this combination of the green and leather! x

  23. PD Reply

    As always beautiful. I love your blog and your looks. You’re so pretty. This dress is wonderful, I would have wanted this to be.