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  1. Odio el cambio de nombre de la banda, ni lleva mas de 2 decadas la muerte de Yves.. en fin, tu luces increible

  2. and I follow your blog now :)

  3. HI :)
    nice blog, and outfit is very cool :)

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  4. Me encanta todo la camisa, los lentes, el bolso, los
    zapatos son adorables! Guapa gauapa! x

  5. loving the ysl t-shirt, wanna get one also!


  6. love the clutch+heels!

  7. I think wearing logos is ok, if you like this brand or name, if you can wear it with self-confidence!

    Daria from http://www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  8. es una pena pero que bueno que aprovechaste adriana jeje…me gusta este logo en especial =)


  9. why YSL needs to change their name. :|

  10. Great look, I love the clutch<3

  11. I really love the leopard print clutch :)

  12. I love absolutely love your outfit. So inspiring.

    Besos Andie ;)

  13. I love the YSL logo shirt. It’s soooo dumb that they are changing the name. It’s just one of those staple names that you say and EVERYONE knows. Like Chanel. You say YSL and no one is like YSWHO?


  14. wow, love everything, especially the t-shirt and the bag sweetie, great blog and great outfit <3