Romance is a game for fools


Black pleated jumpsuit from ASOS; leopard belt from Forever21; cotton and leather bag from ALDO; black platforms from

I’m sick of everything. Sick of doing nothing, sick of not finding a job because I need to finish my social service, my internship and my english classes for the university, sick of not having money to travel or even to go and have a nice coffee. Sick of the “poor” people who complain about not having any money but go on vacation at every opportunity they have, buying expensive cell phones and clothes. Sick of those “friends” who tell me how much they care about me and can go for months without any notice from them. Fucking tired of everything.

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  1. gorgeous jumpsuit! love the heels aswell!

    – True

  2. I just discovered your blog and these images are so hauntingly beautiful
    This jumpsuit is to die for…you look so divine xxx

  3. Thanks you ! :)

    Omg, I want your jumpsuit, so amazing! Your look is perfect. bisous<3

  4. Ufff, te acompaño en el sentimiento, sobretodo con lo de que la gente se queja de que no tiene dinero y luego se va dos meses de vacaciones y están a la última con sus móviles y se quejan mientras navegan por internet con ellos, o se compran OTRO coche, porque uno no era suficiente.

    Y aquí en España está lleno de este tipo de gente, pero sabes que es lo que he comprobado con el tiempo, que toda esta gente en realidad está hasta la coronilla de deudas y con hasta 10 hipotecas.., entonces me doy cuenta de que en cierta forma soy afortunada porque no tenemos ningún tipo de deuda ni hipoteca, no estoy atada, vivo tranquila gracias a lo que me da mi marido, y que cuando pueda y trabaje podré estar mucho mejor..

    Y sigo amando ese bolso!! :333

  5. Oh how I feel for your “sickness”! Seriously, it’s like I’m looking in the mirror. It really sucks, but I am sure you are strong enough to make it all work for you! Moreover, looking that dead drop gorgepus you just can’t be a loser. You’ll win over all of these! :)

  6. The jumpsuit is beautiful! Not many people can pull that offff, but you can babe!

  7. this might sound weird but I absolutely love that a girl as beautiful as you has a full face – I have huge chipmunk cheeks and I’m skinny like you and just seeing you makes me feel like I should embrace my full face (it’ll make us look younger in the future!) haha so thank you for that and also you’re incredibly stylish and sophisticated! Just started following :)

    – Sharlotte

  8. Very very cute))) and you are very beautiful)

  9. Hi, you are one of my favorite bloggers that’s why I nominated you for the one lovely blog award. Please see this link.:)

  10. I love the jumpsuit and bag

  11. love that bag, so gorgeous! also, hope things get better for you soon :)

    <3 Alison

  12. This outfit so elegant! You look beautiful as always =)
    I love all, amazing <3

  13. Chicaa!!! animate!!! todas tenemos rachas malas… yo ahora estoy en una “regular” pero hace unos meses no tenía dinero ni para un café, no en serio, no lo tenía.
    Acaba tranquila tus estudios y prácticas y ya verás como después es todo mucho mejor!
    Un besito!!
    Por cierto, me encanta tu jumpsuit, estas hiperelegante! ;D

  14. you are looking so chic girl. Love everything on you – the jumpsuit, the platform, the bag, and your hair :)

  15. haha lo mas chistoso es la gente que dice que no tiene dinero y hace cosas como las que mencionas.

    Uno sabe cuando tiene un verdadero amigo, aunque no sepas nada de ellos por buen tiempo, si tienes un problema y sabes que puedes recurrir a ellos :).

  16. You look beyond beautiful, Adriana!!!

    Sometimes I have those moments that I’m sick and tired of everything. When it happens, I just try to spend some quality time on my own – reading my favorite books over again, painting or just sleeping all day. Everything will be good!

    Much love,


  17. Great outfit! Ten points!

  18. It is NOT easy to make onesies look cute and sophisticated (a few of my friends have tried and failed) but this looks effortlessly chic on you. I love the details with the necklace!

  19. this jumpsuit is simple yet so so nice :)

  20. Love the jumper!!! It looks so good on you!

  21. Great outfit! I’m crazy about jumpsuits.