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Purificación García wool coat, MKT Studio sweatshirt via Shopbop, & Other Stories jeans, Senso boots, Proenza Schouler Hex tote bag, Shashi earrings
Wearing: Purificación García wool coat, MKT Studio sweatshirt via Shopbop, & Other Stories jeans, Senso boots,
Proenza Schouler Hex tote bag, Shashi earrings



If coming back to our routines were easy, we would never wish to lose them. I don’t deny it, I wouldn’t mind to be that kind of bloggers with a lifestyle worthy of thousands of likes on Instagram and run away from the cold and the grey days in Barcelona to a warmer view, to consider my day complete after taking a few photos, responding to comments and sending two e-mails, but that’s not my reality neither the one I hope for.

My reality is returning to the uniform, to crossing the same streets, having the same coffee breaks and my bags full of wrinkled notes with things I might not even have time to materialize, with ideas and people that make me both crazy and sane at the same time. To the quick outfits consisting of a basic color palette and garments chosen by the amount of wrinkles on them. To the bizarre workdays where some days I learn more than I did on my entire university career and some others where I could die of boredom.

Routine isn’t always negative, sometimes I find it necessary in order to start again. And if you fall today, the sun will rise again tomorrow, and that’s one monotony we must never get tired of.

Si el regreso a la rutina fuese fácil, nunca anhelaríamos perderla. No lo niego, no me molestaría ser una de esas bloggers que tienen una vida digna de miles de likes en Instagram y huir del frío y los días grises de Barcelona a un paisaje más cálido, considerar mi día completo al terminar de tomar algunas fotos, responder comentarios online y mandar dos e-mails al día, pero esa no es mi realidad ni la que deseo tener.

Mi realidad es regresar al uniforme, a cruzar las mismas calles, a los mismos puestos de café y los bolsos llenos de notas arrugadas de cosas que tal vez no alcance a materializar, con ideas y personas que me vuelven loca y cuerda al mismo tiempo. A los atuendos rápidos que consisten en una paleta de colores básica y de prendas que se eligen en calidad de si están arrugadas o no. A las jornadas de trabajo extrañas con días en donde aprendo más que en toda mi carrera universitaria y con otros donde me muero de aburrimiento.

La rutina no siempre es negativa, a veces es necesaria para darnos otra oportunidad. Y si hoy caes, mañana sale el sol de nuevo, y esa es la monotonía de la que nunca nos podemos cansar.


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  1. Faiza Reply

    Hey Adriana,
    Your last paragraph inspires me. Really!
    Full of maturity and wiseness.
    It honestly made my day better.
    I’ll probabably share it if you dpn’t mind
    My best regards,

  2. Really love this look

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style

  3. This outfit is so casual and chic, also I feel like you should add a disclaimer, “no bags were harmed in the shooting of this content” haha


  4. Hey Adriana, I would like to thank you for the great post. I know this problem too good! I live on Gran Canaria. But you wore a super cool outfit and I Iove your style!!! Keep it up!!!

    All the best

  5. Lookazo sencillo pero original a partes iguales. Me encanta.

    Te dejo mi último post, en la nieve.

  6. You look so fantastic. I hope that now in Poland there will be a white winter and the world will be more beautiful.

  7. Escribes súper bien y siempre me llenas de inspiración a partir de un tema tan cotidiano como la rutina misma ;)

  8. I always feel so lost without a good routine. It keeps me in check :)

  9. I love routine, but surely wouldn´t mind waking up in Bahamas tomorrow!


  10. I love this bag!! The details are so cool. Good final note, by the way.
    xx Jenelle

  11. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Love ❤️ the wide leg bleu jeans look … so chic! 💗😘

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  12. So chic. Love the flared jeans!