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  1. What a great experience I hope you had fun doing it and thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

    XoxO Andie ;)

  2. Its a bit of a shame that you wouldn’t show photos of you on the runway. But oh well its your choice. Lovin’ the photography. Everything seems to be dramatic. It has that Style channel vibe, where the camera shows you the backstage. Cool.

  3. Awesome post, hon! I wish there were more pics of you though. And no, it’s not egocentric :D

  4. No creo que sería egocentrico, dado que es tu blog, pero bueno, jajajajaja!
    Debe ser genial estar en un desfile, delante o detras!

  5. Really very nice post, these handmade shoes looks so cute! ^_^

  6. gorgeous photos!! u look very pretty in that photo :D


  7. Aunque fuera egocentrico, hubieras puesto fotos tuyas!

    Pero que bonito parece ser too, la ropa, la gente apurandose para el maquillage, peinado y ropa, los ajustes de ultimo momento… suena muuuy interesante 8D

  8. I actually really love your look without your hair done! :)
    The show looks magnificent!

  9. Being backstage is so much fun. It’s great to see the craziness that goes on before they hit the runway. I LOVE the make-up and the sequin pants. You look beautiful with your hair up and relaxed looking. Great shots!


  10. oooh! que suerte :) estás guapisima y los zapatos hechos a mano son preciosos!

    estoy haciendo demasiados autoregalos estos dias deberia de poner en una caja fuerte mi tarjeta hasta que se pase estas fiestas jajaja


  11. This is so wonderful. I always love knowing about the magic that goes on behind – anything, really! :)