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  1. Zdjęcia są bardzo ładne.

  2. Awesome shoes, beautiful photos!

    xoxo, Diana

  3. Being stucked was worth it even though it was 6 hours (omg I can’t imagine if I were you.) but anyway the outfit was perfectly gorgeous! Super loving it. xx

  4. Sorry you and your boyfriends vehicle broke down. Love the photos that you both take and your travels. Wishing you guys the best love your blogg!

  5. Amazing denim on denim look dear. Sorry about the car.

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  6. Danne Ch. Reply

    Creo que si lo hubieras planeado no te hubieran salido tan bien las fotos. Que bueno que pudiste aprovechar el incidente. La necesidad es la madre del ingenio, como dicen las abuelitas jaja.


  7. Wow, talk about winning against the odds. These photos are gorgeous. I have always wanted to shoot similar photos in the desert. ^^

  8. Padrisimas las fotos, que bueno que aprovecharon la situación para estas tomas :)
    El doble denim nunca falla, saludos.


  9. Celene S. Reply

    Yo también quisiera lucir así, si me quedo en medio de la nada esperando por horas! En toda ocasión luces espectacular…sin duda soy tu fan Adriana…saludos desde Monterrey! :)

    • Muchas gracias Celene! creo que iba ‘bien arreglada’ porque directamente iba a llegar a cuestiones de trabajo, aunque sí debo aceptar que me gusta verme bien siempre, una nunca sabe dónde va a terminar o con quién se va a encontrar! Saludos!

  10. I´m glad you guys made it home safely !
    At least you used the time and made the best out of it :)

    xx Julia


  11. Amazing denim on denim look! =D

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  12. This totally sucks that your car broke down. On the bright side you got some amazing photos out of it!

    xx Cheyenne

  13. I cannot tell you how much I love your look, the location made it so much better. I think that was a blessing car breaking down… Was your boyfriend shooting with a 50mm lens I love how the shallow depth comes out. Worry not this was an amazing look fit for the location.

    • Hi Grace! thanks a bunch, my boyfriend and I are very happy reading all your comments, I don’t think it was a blessing at all since we’re spending so much money in our projects and this is something totally unexpected and out of our budget, but shit happens, and it makes you stronger!
      We used a 85mm 1.8 canon lens :)

  14. As much as am I sorry for you, I’m also glad you’d taken these photos. Theme-inspired shots are the best and I’m loving them! The casual denim looks fabulous next to bold metal of the cars.


  15. iI’m so glad you guys are ok!! (I read your post on english and automatically started writing in english hahaah!)

    And your story is a great example of hoow to overcome tough situations, not the mention de pictures are great and the outfit is so chic and super comfy.

    Love you and hope to see you soon safe and sound <3