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On repeat


How many times can you wear the same garment with different results? I like to have a lot of clothes but I also like to make the most of it, if I have clothes that I haven’t worn in a year I sell them or give them away, it’s useless to have clothes hanging in your closet getting dusty, no matter how pretty they are.

I’m telling you this because here I’m wearing clothes that you’ve seen me wearing many times, I have repeated the pants many times in the blog (in my daily life I have worn them a bunch of times), along with the denim shirt and the shoes, the only new thing is the sweater I added because it’s getting super cold, you can’t survive this weather without layers. Do you like it? Leave me your comments, happy Tuesday!

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December’s first rain


Some people don’t like rain, I personally love it because I’ve lived all my life on a desert area where if it’s a good year we have three or four rainy days, those are the opportunities we have to do the little movie cliches like having a cup of hot cocoa (or tea), lay down with a chunky knit sweater watching a movie or sometimes we even find it romantic.

Surely all that is because our rainfall is quite low and it clearly shows when you see the streets on rainy days, nobody is prepared with an umbrella or proper clothes, the rain surprises us and we cover with anything from newspapers, to books, shopping bags or sometimes we don’t even care and our hair gets wet. We don’t have that kind of London scene where all the people are elegantly carrying an umbrella with their leather suitcase, neither we live on that kind of city where you need to walk. But still, even with all the clumsiness we may do, I find rainy days to have something special and magic that makes me feel excited.
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Lazy & cozy


I’m spending a few days far from my home and visiting my family, with a change of air and weather, I’m in the middle of my christmas gift shopping and can I say how grateful I am for online shopping? I swear I used to hate with all my heart to go shopping for christmas gifts when the malls are super crowded with people and the prices inflated, nothing like staying home with my family and get it all done with a few clicks. By the way, on the menu above there’s a new page called ‘Xmas Wishlist‘ where I’ll be adding my objets of desire for the season, I accept gifts! (just kidding, of course).

This look is a collaboration with Génesis from Brunette Braid, mexican blogger and friend whose style captivated me since the first moment. We both wore over the knee boots for different occasions, you can see her outfit at the end of the post and her blog is full with more awesome looks.

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