Te da miedo enamorarte perdida y locamente de mí


Can you guess? This is a skirt :D It’s so comfortable and light used as a dress.
I started my social service yesterday, that means ALL DAY I’m busy for the next 6 months, and I just went to the doctor and he told me I was getting sick because of stress and lack of sleep. I really don’t know what I’m going to do! Maybe I’ll be posting less :(

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  1. oh wow it looks great as a dress!

  2. Beautiful dress, love the color.

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  3. I’ve guessed that this was a skirt, but not from the first sight. It looks awesome as a dress! Such a nice idea.Two beautiful piecers of clothing for one price.

  4. love the dress
    i’m waiting you on my blog !

  5. ALWAYS looking super GORGEOUS with her super GENIUS stylish ideas:)

  6. Tu que se sabes!! :D
    TE queda genial, y me encanta ver diferentes formas de combinar y utilizar la ropa!
    Un besote guapaa!!

  7. La falda queda genial como vestido!!

    Y hacé caso, descansá mucho, es importantisimo y mucho mas que el blog, aunque me saría pena que no postearas tanto, pero lo mas importante es que te mejores!

  8. Hola, acabo de descubrir tu blog y me ha fascinado, tienes un estilazo!
    Te sigo y si quieres visita mi blog para que lo conozcas.
    Un beso!

  9. Oh no! Please, please, please feel better! Try to get more sleep and don’t forget to eat lots of fruit/vegetable :) I really don’t want you to post less!

    Beautiful and feminine look, as always! :)

    Muahhh <3

  10. cool.. tmb he usado faldas largas como vestidos.. padrisima bolsa!

  11. ES una gran experiencia la verdad, me encanta el vestido :3
    haha muchas gracias por lo del pelo, tal cual salgo de la ducha asi me queda!

  12. Qué grupazo Babasónicos, cómo me gustan :D

    Fran Domínguez | Photographer

  13. Lovely color!!


  14. love the skirt turned into a dress! very cute! love your style! follow me back maybe?


  15. aw get your rest definetly! you look flawless! Can’t believe it’s a skirt :) haha

  16. This is so chic, I’m not usually a fan of green and red but this is very sophisticated. Lovely pairing, you have an eye for details.

  17. U should take more rest!! Yr skirt being dress is amazing^^


  18. That sounds awful :( Definitely rest when you can!! I never would have guessed this was a skirt, it looks so lovely as a dress! Hope you feel better soon xo