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  1. Thanks you for a great blog post! I love using clutch whenever i go out, especially to the parties. It’s useful and must-have item for women.

    Kisses from Lien,

  2. Alina Reply

    Consideraré invertir en un clutch básico, aún no doy el salto, sigo con mis bolsas de mano y messenger bags… me encantaron tus audífonos por cierto!
    Un beso!

  3. Maria Marques Reply

    That is an amazing clutch!
    Lovely post, dear.

    Love, Marie Roget

  4. I’m in love with this kind of posts! Very useful and so chic! Will totally try to get my hands on this kind of clutch, perfectly for everyday use – also, I use that some headphones, so it’s great to know that they easily fit in there as well!


  5. Soy una gran fan de las clutch son practicas y ligeras, no he probado estas barras de fiber one, pero seguramente la buscare proximamente.
    Una cosa esencial en mi clutch es el hand cream!
    Que tengas un hermoso finde.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  6. Love the clutch! I don’t prefer carrying larger bags too, I like to keep it easy and simple =)

  7. So beautiful pics!Such a wonderful blog!Thanks for sharing.

  8. To be honesst, most of the timess I no longer carry a clutch, not to work at least. But if I did carry something unusual, hhrmmm……maybe piles of receipts that I should de-clutter. ahhahahaha!

    Joua To The Rescue

  9. nadin Reply

    amazing piece

  10. Lauren Reply

    Your flatlays are always so perfect!! And I love the texture of that clutch!

    xo Lauren

  11. I always bring a load of stuff with me, so clutches don’t work for me! I hope it did though. Cause clutches looks so cool and easy to bring


  12. Oh that clutch is gorgeous, I loveee the colour!

    Shot From The Street

  13. What a lovely clutch.

    || D I A N A ||

  14. Pupa Reply

    Me encantaron las barritas de fiber one, debo de decir que son mis aliadas en mi horario universitario (8am -17pm), porque de verdad son riquisimas :)
    Adios Adri!! bonita tarde :)

  15. Ashley Reply

    The lemon Fiber One bar is awesome, and so is the Chanel powder for that matter <3


  16. yes! I agree with you, it’s easier to walk around town with a smaller bag but the clutch it’s not always very useful because you still have to hold it :/ though it’s a very beautiful clutch!!!

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com

  17. sasa Reply

    Love your clutch<3

    Shall We Sasa